Apprenticeship at EMCO

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Whether toolmakers, mechatronics engineers or industrial clerks, 25 years of experience in providing training and development in the fields of CNC have enabled EMCO Industrial Training Systems to fully understand what first class training needs to involve.

Industrial clerk

Apprenticeship period: 3 years
Industrial enterprises in all sectors

To avoid downtime when producing goods, industrial companies require a continual supply of raw materials, accessories, spare parts and services. Industrial clerks determine what needs to be ordered when and process the purchases. They are also involved with material management (e.g. storage), accounting and costing, marketing and customer proposals.

Key training areas:

  • Ordering goods and monitoring delivery deadlines
  • Providing customer information and advice, generating correspondence
  • Assisting in accounting and costing processes
  • Providing support during the planning and implementation of advertising and sales promotion-related measures