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 May 2009   News, Presse  

How can I prepare my EMCO machine for the production the most efficiently?

HALLEIN/SAN DIEGO –In the course of the workshop "How to program EMCO machines with ESPRIT and CPS Pilot“ at the Esprit World Conference 2009 EMCO presents how the functions of the CAD/CAM software ESPRIT and of the EMCO simulating software CPS Pilot can be exploited the best when programming EMCO machines. With this knowledge better production results can be obtained. EMCO CPS Pilot with its innovative concept is an unique product in the field of visualizing machines: You develop faster, machine shorter, reduce your non-productive times and avoid machine collisions.

Targeted exchange about the latest trends and developments concerning CAD/CAM programming. That is the defined target of the Esprit World Conference.
How can CAD/CAM projects be organized and structured more efficiently, how can Esprit help at this, which know-how can be more deepened, etc.
You'll be answered these questions at the conference in the course of different lectures, workshops, discussion forums and courses. The offered courses live up to every level. There are programs fitted for Esprit experts and advanced users as well as for absolute beginners.
The Esprit World Conference takes place in San Diego/CA from 12th to 15th of May.

For more information copy this link into your address bar: www.emco.at/mko/EWC09.zip

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