EMCOMILL E600, E900 and now new E1200: EMCO's new machine generation for the standard 3-axes milling part production

 June 2009   News, Presse  

By widening the “Design to Cost”-philosophy into ‘Designed to costs and market’, with the EMCOMILL E1200, E900 and E600 EMCO now in fields of milling draws on its successful EMCOTURN E25/45/65 turning series. The customer can get the new EMCOMILL E-series – "Made in the Heart of Europe" – with a max. travel of 1200, 900 and 600 mm respectively at an unrivalled price-performance ratio in extremely compact design and a modular structural concept.

HALLEIN – The year 2007 was a year of success for EMCO. Not least because of the successful launch of EMCOMILL E600. In 2008, EMCO has been able to seamlessly continue this success story with the launch of the EMCOMILL E900. In order to offer an adequate solution to customers who want to produce larger and heavier workpieces, EMCO has decided to develop and produce a standard 3-axes milling machine for this segment as well at a top-notch price/performance ratio. The result: the new EMCOMILL E1200.

The design of this machine adheres, of course, to EMCO's commitment of "Made in the heart of Europe" and "Design to cost"

With the EMCOMILL E-series, EMCO expands its ample product range and thus offers an even more matching structure: the new machine generation is a counterpart in milling to the successful EMCOTURN E25/E45/E65 lathe series. Therefore, EMCOMILL E-series is the very recent proof for the persistent application of the "Design to Cost“ approach: offering the highest possible benefit at the lowest cost to the customers. All components that contribute to performance, precision and long duration of the machines are optimized, focussing at the same time on main functions for the customer.

This can be seen not only in the definitely simpler operability of the machines, but above all with regard to price as well.

However, the customer need not dispense with quality - quite to the contrary: The development and the production of the machines is carried out according to the EMCO philosophy "Made in the Heart of Europe“, i.e. exclusively in Central Europe in cooperation with European brand producers who comply with top standards regarding quality, productivity and economy.

EMCOMILL E1200, E900 and E600 are the promising results of a successful cooperative effort between EMCO and its Italian subsidiary, FAMUP, and is enormously attractive particularly for general machining as well as tool and prototype construction.

Mechanical Engineering without Compromises

EMCOMILL E1200 is designed as a very compact universal 3-axes machine for general machining. The machine base, the support and all three slides are of massive cast design and form the basis for the robust machine structure. The excellent damping properties of the cast material result in high surface qualities with ample cutting values. 

The caged ball guides with their parts that provide high support and stiffness values make the slides traverse precisely and without jerking.

The tool magazine is designed as a very quick 2-arm magazine as a standard. Tool changing times of 1.6 seconds facilitate more than quick change to other tools and thus ensure production that saves time and costs.

Concept of Modular Structure

The highly proven modular concept facilitates a perfect adjustment of the machine to the customer's requirements also in the EMCOMILL E1200.

The main modules are spindle variants, tool magazine, controls, chip removal, coolant supply, rotary table/4th axis.

Naturally, EMCO offers to the customer a standard selection of options for the new machine series: measuring sensor for tool or workpiece measurement, hand wheel, band filter, alarm lamp, blow-out device, chip flushing, automatic door system.



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