The EMCOMAT 20D with a new digital display: designed for continuous operation

June 2009

The EMCOMAT 20D is a reliable partner for complicated forms, spare parts, models and small series. It is equipped with all of the technical details of an industrial lathe with a lead and tension spindle.

HALLEIN – A compact torsion-resistant cast housing, infinitely variable speed ranges, very long slide guides and constant cutting speed are just a few highlights of the EMCOMAT 20D machine equipment.

The new digital display

The 6.5-inch TFT colour monitor permanently shows the position of the bed slide, cross slide and upper slide. The precision-measurement toothed rod, which drives the rotary position encoder via a cogwheel, records the position of the bed slide and the position of the cross slide is recorded via a glass gauge to an accuracy of 0.001mm. The upper slide is localised by the direct drive of the rotary encoder via the adjustment spindle.

Automation shrinks ancillary times

Particularly in the production of small series, ergonomic aspects and repetitive accuracy are of utmost importance. The high-drive efficiency provides enormous machining power. Such automation facilities as the automatic clamping device and the spindle brake facilitate efficient production of the workpieces. Due to further special functions, such as the position display, the CAMLOCK spindle nose (standardised according to DIN 55029) and the spindle boring (Ø 55mm) reduce ancillary times and increase productivity.

Fields of use

Designed for professional use in the production of complex workpieces in small series, the EMCOMAT 20D is the perfect solution for fine mechanics, repair enterprises, model builders, optical and electrical workshops. Automotive sports with sectors comprising formula 1, motorcycle-race service, aeroplane and helicopter service and engine tuning will benefit from the machine as well as institutions of research and training, technical and scientific laboratories, schools and teaching workshops.

The machine structure

The main spindle runs in adjustable precision bearings. The main spindle diameter in the front bearing is 70 mm. Cogwheels, tailstock sleeve and slide guides are hardened and ground. Top precision and a long service life are therefore guaranteed. The bed and cross slides are supplied via a manual central lubrication point. The machine bed is connected without torsion with the machine stand via a three-point support. A base is not required. Levelling the machine is eliminated. The machine base has dampers to counteract vibration and running noise to provide quiet running. The maintenance-free apron is easily accessible for maintenance and readjustment.


Technical details/ The Machine concept of EMCOMAT 20D:

Digital Read Out:

  • permanent position display of the bed-, cross- and top slide
  • the position control of the bed slide is accomplished by a precise measuring toothed rack moving the rotatory position transmitter over a gearwheel
  • the position of the cross slide is measured by a glass scale with a 0,001 mm accuracy, in order to adjust the diameter with maximal accuracy
  • the position of the top slide is measured by direct drive of the shaft encoder over the adjusting spindle
  • functions: constant cutting speed, 99 tools, 99 datums, referencepoint, distance to go, inch/metric, radius-/diameter, separate or sum display for Z and Zo, clock
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch
  • Screensize 6,5“ color-TFT, 640x480 resolution (VGA)

Machine stand

  • Steel plate construction
  • preparation for integrated coolant equipment
  • removable chip tray
  • inclined drip plate for better cleaning
  • splash guard
  • 3-point support system for machine stand


  • rugged iron-cast construction with diagonal ribbing
  • large width of bed with good chip clearance
  • hardened (HB30 4000 ± 1000N/mm²), ground V-guides
  • excellent geometric precision through maximal height and width
  • 3-point support system to machine stand


  • compact, torsion free grey cast housing
  • extremely rigid main spindle with taper roller bearing
  • short taper with enlarged Camlock-fixing
  • 3 - shaft sliding gear drive with 8 or 4 lever positions, low circumferential backlash are guaranteed
  • hardened and ground gearwheels
  • lubrication through oil pan
  • gear shifting through 2 operating levers
  • integrated feed reverse gearing
  • a total cover of the headstock motor, change gear quadrant
  • round forms ensure ergonomic favourable operating facility


  • high-grade cast iron construction
  • enlarged center sleeve travel and diameter
  • morse taper with locking piston for flap drills

Feed gear

  • improved operating facility by mounting of the levers and
  • slide drive through lead screw and feed shaft
  • lead screw can be declutched


  • ergonomically improved position of the lever of longitudinal
  • mounting of a control panel on the right hand side with left-switch off, or additionally with integrated position display
  • integrated overload clutch protect the feed drive


  • very long cross slide, possible for 2 tools or taper turning
  • exceedingly long longitudinal guidance improves cross stability
  • central lubrication facility

Lead screw and feed shaft cover

  • meets with highest security requirements
  • stainless steel material facilitates cleaning

Infinitely variable main drive 17D/20D

  • feed control of the three phase motor by an electronic frequency converter
  • additionally, the torque is chosen by a 4-step gearing, in order to work with the most favourable efficiency of the motor at any time
  • a permanent display of the actual main spindle speed is mounted at the control panel on the right-hand-side of the apron favourably positioned, as well as a turning knob for speed control and the switch for left-right run.

Electrical Data:

  • Fuse for control power circuit and machine lamp
  • Built-in thermal-overload relay for main motor, motor of vertical unit and coolant equipment
  • Safety guard with micro switch to protect unintentional opening of gear-housing cover
  • Electrical cabinet with cable inlet and terminal strip for electrical connection of coolant equipment and machine lamp without power supply cable
  • Main motor and electrical cabinet protected according to IP54
  • The electrical equipment complies with the latest technical guidelines in accordance with EN 60204, EN 292, IEC 204, VDE 0113 and ÖVE EN 13. All accessories are integrated into the safety concept and can be connected to the assigned terminal strip, provided for the purpose.


The EMCOMAT 17/20 is equipped with a completely new safety concept according to the European safety standards (CE).

Mechanical safety features:

  • Feedshaft with slip clutch protects the machine against overload and permits precision turning to dead-stop length
  • Feed lever lock prevents unintentional switching from longitudinal- to cross feed and vice versa
  • Feed lever and halt-nut lever interlocked. This prevents simultaneous engagement of the feedshaft and leadscrew
  • Leadscrew is fitted with claw clutch and is only engaged at thread cutting.
  • Bed slide fitted with gibs to prevent shearing point between bed slide and tailstock
  • Crush point between cross slide and cross spindle defused by gibs
  • Cover for leadscrew
  • Splash guard
  • Chuck guard cover with chuck guard interlock

Electrical safety features:

  • Lockable main switch
  • Electric chuck guard with limit switch
  • Emergency-Off push-button
  • Isolating transformer for control voltage 24V
  • Power restoral lock in case of under voltage or safety feature respond
  • Thermal overload protector integrated in main drive motor
  • Complete electrical circuit features fuse protected


Highest quality standards aac. to ISO9000:2001 are attained by applying advanced production- and testing methods.

Technical core data: 


Work space

Height above centres/distance between centres [mm]

Traverse path longitudinal/ transverse slide [mm]

1.000 / 200

900 / 220


Main spindle

Speed range [rpm]

Spindle connection DIN 55029

Spindle bore [mm]

40 – 3.000

Gr. 5



Main drive

Power with 100% duty cycle [kW]