The EMCOMILL C40: A simple solution for challenging milling jobs

 June 2009     

With their EMCOMILL C40, the successor of the highly successful FB 4, EMCO is primarily targeting production-oriented users. Great chip-cutting power, high precision and universal applicability are the distinct characteristics which distinguish these machines.

HALLEIN – Some of the substantial innovations of the EMCOMILL C40 are its larger work area (X 450 mm/Y 350 mm/Z 400 mm) and the continuously adjustable speed control, which is supported by an electrically controlled two-speed transmission, which in turn is driven by 5.5 kW engine. To precisely position the axes and for higher rapid-motion speeds, the EMCOMILL C40 is equipped with a circulating ball spindle and linear guides in all three axes.

Ease of use was one of EMCO’s top priorities for the EMCOMILL C40: the swivel-mounted control panel for improved work ergonomics, the swiveling chip tray, the coolant system with external coolant tank, the clockwise/counterclockwise rotation of the main spindle, as well as the continuously adjustable control of the main spindle and feed are only a few selected examples of the numerous features, which make a huge contribution to making the entire manufacturing process not only easier, but also more ergonomic. 

Numerous accessories and options for increased flexibility

Besides an EMCO 3 axis position display and hydraulic tool chucking, additional options are available, which are tailored to individual customer requirements.

Naturally, the EMCOMILL C40 is also available with EMCO’s own linear control. In order to further increase flexibility, mechanical handwheels have also been included in the version with linear and continuous path control. The SK 40 tool storage system, which is conveniently mounted within easy reach on the machine, facilitates fast tool changes and keeps tools clean and safely stored. 

Fields of application

With its robust and heavy-duty design, its universal usability, as well as its high chip-cutting power and dynamics the EMCOMILL C40 offers customers great value. Many of its benefits play an especially important role in the production of heavy workpieces. The workspace of the EMCOMILL C40 is large enough to handle workpieces weighing up to 600 kg. The hinged chip protection doors facilitate working safely and cleanly, as well as permitting unrestricted access to the workpiece.

The machine construction

The EMCOMILL C40 is a universal tool milling machine, which - depending on the respective application - machines workpieces either manually or by means of linear and continuous path control.

Technical Features:

  • Linear guides in all three axes
  • Circulating ball spindle diameter 25 mm X,Y / Z 32 mm
  • LENZE main motor with the 2-step IF gearbox; 5.5 (100%) and 7 kW (40%) respectively
  • Each axle is equipped with a LENZE servo drive 
  • Optional, hydraulic RÖHM clamping system for horizontal and vertical milling spindle. Internal cooling is also possible.
  • Manual / hydraulic tool adapter DIN 69871 SK40, draw bolts according to DIN 69872
  • External coolant tank
  • Digital 3-axes position display EMCO (optional)
  • Central lubrication

Ease of use:

  • Swivel-mounted control panel with ergonomically designed keyboard
  • Continuously adjustable control for main spindle and feed
  • Clockwise/counterclockwise rotation of the main spindle
  • Inching mode for main and feed drives
  • Safety handwheels with big scale rings and in- and decreasing scaling with a graduation of 0.01 mm
  • Swiveling chip tray, as well as hinged chip protection doors 
  • Automatic limit stop of the feed in 3 axes
  • Swivel positioner for the vertical milling head, horizontal spindle can be switched off for vertical milling
  • Noise level max. 80 dBA


  • Universal work unit, rotary table, swivel-mounted angle plate, counter-holder for horizontal milling using a long milling spike, 24 V halogen lamp etc..

Service life and safety:

  • All pinch points have been covered with machine guards
  • Chip-protected workspace
  • Rigid sheet metal covers of the X + Z guideways
  • Central lubrication of all bearings, gears, threaded spindles and nuts
  • All shafts in the headstock are hardened and ground 
  • Integrated rolling guides for all axes 
  • Mechanically/electrically secured safety handwheels in 3 axis and tool chucking 
  • Mechanical tool chucking / monitored electrically 
  • Brake motor with LENZE brake - all axes 
  • Control circuit voltage 24 V 
  • Emergency-off switch 
  • The mechanics and electrical system fulfill all currently valid European safety standards 
  • Lockable main switch
  • CE

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