EMCO Campus

EMCO Campus

E[MCO] Campus is a multimedia program that teaches all the basics of modern CNC technology. The cleverly-designed teaching format makes even complex concepts easy to grasp and learn. Interactive dialog features allow the students to progress at their own pace. Views are displayed using attractive 3D and 2D graphics, animations, and videos, sustainably improving the success of the learning process.


  • EMCO Campus can be used independently of Concept machines and control software
  • 4 courses teach all the basics of modern CNC technology
  • Attractive 3D, 2D graphics, animations, and videos
  • Working through the content and tests using learning folders
  • Autoring tool: individually creating content pages
  • Learnmeter displaying the personal course progress






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E-Learning 2.0 EN 1.56 MB
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The demo license can be used without time limitation and offers selected charts from the Metal Cutting Technology course. Ask for your demo license: emco_campus@emco.at
License for one user. The software has no time limitation, a renewal is not necessary.
Licenses for 20, 50 or 100 users, additional upon request. The software has no time limitation, a renewal of the version is not necessary.
The upgrade is available for clients who already have EMCO courseware products (WinTrain, TrainConcept, WinTutorial, EMCO Vision). For an upgrade please contact emco_campus@emco.at
English and German are available. More languages available on request.




Concept machines

Whether for small businesses or for professional CNC training the Concept machines can be applied flexibly. With its modular concept the machine series can be used in a productional CIM network as well as for training purposes equipped with training softwares and coursewares. For more information about the Concept machines click "machines" in the main menu.


CAMConcept is innovative software for complete CAD/CAM and CNC training, from design to manufacture. CAMConcept incorporates both the functions of a professional CAD/CAM system and the advantages of a special training program for machining technology. All core CAD program functions are available. Graphic displays of CNC cycles allow quick programming, while simulations and collision checks ensure that control programming is safe. The 3D simulations make it perfect for training at programming stations, and also for making complex turning and milling workpieces simple to produce any time. With its many functions, user-friendly operation and clear structure, CAMConcept is one of the leading software systems in the field of training.


Win3D-View is a 3D simulation for turning and milling and is available as an option in addition to the WinNC Control. Graphic simulations of CNC controls are designed especially for industrial experience. Win3D-View displays exceed industry standards. Tools, blanks, clamping devices, and work processes are highly realistic.The system checks the programmed travel of the tool to prevent collision with clamping devices and blanks. If there is a conflict, a warning is given so that manufacturing processes can be understood and controlled from the very beginning. That's the aim of Win3D-View: Visualizing, supporting and avoiding costly collisions.


The unique concept of the interchangeable control can be fitted to all Concept machines. In doing so, the user is trained on all CNC industry controls that are common to the market. All common control units can be installed and taught on one single machine.The result: CNC technicians are flexible to work in a variety of settings.For more information about the EMCO WinNC, click here.