Vertical lathe for demanding applications

March 2013

EMCO's VT 400 offers numerous benefits for large workpieces

The new EMCO Vertical 400 extends the capacity of the company’s successful series of vertical lathe machines. The Vertical 400 enables users to alternate lathe work with additional drilling and milling. It fits chuck parts with up to 400 mm clamping diameters and 450 mm swing diameters, 200 mm length and 40 kg weight. Combined with its compact design, its small footprint and automated operation, it offers a cutting edge solution in its class.

The automation concept enables customer-specific solutions. Since the pick-up system removes the need for additional loading systems for workpieces, machine linkage and technical adaptation are easily made to fit any customer’s individual needs. The main spindle carries out the movements in the X-and Z-axes, and the workpiece arrangement ensures a free chip fall. High user requirements are fulfilled by the welded steel construction of the rigid vibration absorbing machine bed. This also applies to the headstock thermo-symmetrical construction. High rigidity allows large distances between the guide tracks of the slide system and the size 55/45 linear carriage.

The digitally controlled synchronous motor of the main spindle provides a drive power of maximum 36 kW, a speed of 4000 rpm and a torque of 600 Nm, ideal for high-duty works. Direct driven ball screw spindles from Ø 40 mm with backlash and maintenance-free claw couplings enable speeds up to 45 m / min. The travel distances are X = 960, Z = 400 and Y = +/- 90 mm. In case of Z-axis power failure, mechanical weight compensation prevents the Z-axis from falling.

Both the inner and the outer machine casing are designed for low maintenance. For the stainless steel covers and wipers do not require telescopes; guides and seals are protected from flying chips. The completely sealed casing allows an economical and ecological suction system since the machine door stays closed even when picking up a new workpiece. And all these functions of vertical lathe and complete processing machine lay in a compact 6.2 m2 footprint.

With the VT 400, the user can choose two versions and additional options. In addition to the basic version without Y-axis, a version with the moving turret axis and driven tools is provided offering the advantages of complete processing. Optionally, a multi-function panel can be selected, as well as stationary or driven tools. This also applies to long drill and perforating tools. Finally, the user can choose to implement the VT 400 linear optical measurement systems, process monitoring and electronic analysis.