The solution for the exacting production of milled parts: LINEARMILL 600

June 2009

The 5-axes milling center produced by EMCO FAMUP relies on linear drives and torque motors. Due to the sophisticated machine concept an extremely high machining accuracy is achieved with workpieces. And yet – as is customary with EMCO – at a convincing price/performance ratio.

HALLEIN – LINEARMILL 600 represents an attractive solution in production, particularly for tool construction and mould making. Medical engineering, automotive and electrical engineering and, naturally, general mechanical processing all benefit from the enormous machine performance.

The machine facilitates dynamic machining of medium-sized workpieces via five axes. A tilting/rotating table equipped with torque motors drives two axes. The remaining three axes are used for the movement of the spindle head. The structure is of classical moveable floor-type design.

Machine structure

The structure of LINEARMILL 600 HD and LINEARMILL 600 EM convinces the user with its very smart geometry. Y- und Z-slides are arranged adjacent to each other in such a way that very short distances result from the tool cutting edge to the 35-mm guides. Even with the spindle traversed very far downward, the machining forces are thus introduced in a near-optimum way into the construction. An excellent solution which contributes much to the high machining accuracy of both machines is the result.

The drive technology is not a bit less convincing: Linear drives do not only supply impressing dynamics and high rapid traverse speeds. They also improve precision and surface quality during machining. For the same reason the tilting table was equipped with highly modern torque motors. And, to be able to also transmit such a high degree of accuracy precisely to the control unit, axes X, Y and Z are equipped in series in both machine options with glass scales.


The LINEARMILL 600 unit is offered on the market in two different options. The LINEARMILL 600 HD model is equipped with a 4th and 5th axis which can be interpolated. The tilting table is a very solid bridge supported in two points. In this version the machine facilitates dynamic machining along all the 5 axes and is thus suited for workpieces of any complexity.

Those who do not need that much high-tech, but do not want to renounce a highly precise 5-axes machining center will opt for the LINEARMILL 600 EM of nearly similar design with, at the same time, considerable cost savings. The LINEARMILL 600 EM unit is, in contrast to the LINEARMILL 600 HD unit, equipped with a tilting/rotating table in simple supports. The table enables the same movements as the LINEARMILL 600 HD tilting table, but only to position the workpiece. This equipment meets the demands of many users for a low-cost and yet versatile machine option.





Max. speed [rpm]








Max. drive power [kW]




35 (S6)




Max. torque [Nm]




120 (S6)




Max. travel in X/Y/Z [mm]




600 / 500 / 500




Rapid speed [m/min]








Number of tools (standard)