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September 2011



"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty."
Henry Ford (1863-1947), American industrial magnate

The issue is current and is regarded as urgent by the entire industry: where will we find the specialized personnel of the future? Years with low birth rates, only a very limited willingness on the part of girls to choose technical training and a rather low age of retirement are just a few of the starting points that are the focus of discussions.

With the creation of the Center of Excellence, an exclusive selection of EMCO centers of excellence, EMCO and Festo Didactic together provide a platform for the continuous improvement and development of industry-standard CNC training: up-to-date, industry-related and comprehensive, that's what the perfect training should be like.

How can EMCO and Festo Didactic assist the Center of Excellence with this?

  • Proximity to industry as an everyday lived experience rather than as a catch phrase - the ongoing exchange with and between all Center of Excellence partners, such as at the annual meeting in the EMCO center in Hallein,
  • the ongoing involvement in product development processes, 
  • regular training in the EMCO technology center or on-site,
  • teaching and learning materials for the everyday classroom experience such as the new
  • EMCO campus,
  • technical advice in accordance with didactic aspects and technical support on site,
  • and assistance with the planning and preparation of the Center of Excellence rooms

are just some examples of the package of measures planned for EMCO Center of Excellence.

A New Center of Excellence Partner

The vocational school in Göppingen is yet another partner we have been able to gain in the heart of Germany's mechanical engineering region. The goals and plans reflected in the decision for a vertical milling center for 5-axis machining are thus correspondingly ambitious. Approximately 500 trainees in metal manufacturing trades (e.g., cutting machine operators, industrial mechanics and toolmakers) and another 50 participants from the technical school as well as approximately 250 students of the technical high school will find ideal training conditions here – highly motivated teachers familiar with the industry requirements, industry-standard machinery and the most modern teaching and learning materials. www.gs.gp.bw.schule.de