Software WinNC für Siemens Operate an Concept Fräsmaschinen
Software WinNC für Siemens Operate an Concept Fräsmaschinen

EMCO Industrial Training Software WinNC for Siemens Operate on Concept Milling Machines

April 2011

Consistent, ongoing refinement of the unique interchangeable control concept for industry-focused training: The new EMCO programming system "WinNC for Siemens Operate" enables the visualization of an additional industrial control currently in use and further expands on the forward-looking CNC training program.


The CNC controls in use today may make programming easier, but they also require an increased level of knowledge about exactly how specific controls work. The need to understand different CNC controls and "speak their language" is becoming ever more important for individual CNC technicians. There is an increasing trend to use graphics-oriented programming when working on machines. This is easier to learn, more intuitive to operate, and the individual programming steps are easier to follow.

The training provided using interchangeable controls on EMCO Concept machines has now been expanded to include the new programming system EMCO WinNC for Siemens Operate, making it ideally suited to meet these requirements. EMCO WinNC for Siemens Operate is control-specific software which is installed on a conventional PC. Its interface and functions are the same as the original Sinumerik Operate controls.

Users benefit from the unique interchangeable control concept , which enables them to be trained in all current industrial controls on just one machine. Changing to a different control system is a simple matter of calling up the relevant software and swapping out the control-specific keyboard module. This currently enables up to nine different CNC controls to be used on just one machine.

All EMCO Concept machines with ACC machine technology can be upgraded to use WinNC Siemens Operate, as can external programming systems. The system can be installed on XP or higher. The initial version for milling operations covers the following areas:
       Machine status page
       (machine, parameters, programs, program manager, diagnostics)
       Cycles: ISO, ShopMill
       Simulations: 3D, 2D
       Editors for tools, contours, etc.

The external programming system is available as a single workstation license or as a multi-user/site license. The expansion for Concept lathes will be released in time for the EMO 2011 in Hanover. Through this release, EMCO is once again demonstrating its expertise in industry-focused CNC training.