December 2022



Demand and the growth of incoming orders have developed very positively in the past year. Although this makes us confident, we at EMCO have been confronted for months with a number of developments that make a price increase as of 01/01/2023 unavoidable.

The highest inflation rate since the foundation of the EU, massively increased energy and material prices and last but not least the wage agreements of the current collective bargaining negotiations force us to increase the prices on all EMCO machines and accessories by 6.2% as of 1st January 2023. This is the only way we can
continue to ensure the best possible quality of our machines and services.

These general conditions affect all manufacturers across all industries, which is why we are convinced that we will continue to be competitive in the future with our high-quality product range.
In your entrepreneurial role, you certainly face similar challenges and can therefore understand our measures.

We hope that you will continue to promote our products as a partner of EMCO!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your spokesperson.