Consulting Services - Industrial Training

From planning to financing through to implementation and after-sales support, EMCO Industrial Training works with you to develop an overall package to perfectly prepare you for the CNC training.

A worthwile investment in the future

Today, EMCO offers training systems for industrial manufacturing around the world. Schools, industrial training workshops, and businesses on every continent have been supplied with suitable machines and user expertise over the years. 
Clients primarily see it as a worthwhile investment in the future. EMCO is aware of this at every stage and, for this reason, acts in a considerate and responsible manner. The typical build-up to a project can take between 2 and 4 years and consists an
  • intensive preparation, it is used mainly for developing detailed concepts and winning over clients, foreign ministries, international financial institutions and other decision-making bodies. 
  • elaboration of an entire, specifically to the customers' needs tailored package, which encompasses all stages from financial planning to implementation.

In detail this means:
  • preparing curriculums,
  • setting comprehensive training and examination guidelines,  
  • developing training and advamced training programs for teachers
  • prividing equipment, including entire laboratory and classroom facilities
  • Above all, it involves compliance with requirements and guidelines if the project is to be successfully implemented within the country’s existing systems.