The new EMCO VERTICAL VT 250 in two additional versions: Vertical Turning machine with integrated automation in European quality.

giugno 2010

At the AMB in Stuttgart EMCO is going to present the maximum version of the EMCO Vertical VT 250 with driven tools, Y axis and hollow spindle drive. Thus EMCO - in cooperation with EMCO Magdeburg - enlarges ist product range with two additional versions of the VT 250: VT 250 M (ISM) with driven tools and hollow spindle drive and the VT 250 MY (ISM) with a Y axis on top. Equipped with a hollow spindle drive instead of a belt drive the new two versions perform with a drive power of 29 kW. The VT 250 MY with Y axis offers a travel of 180(+/-90) mm and can stand any competition - not only in regard to the price.

HALLEIN – Designed for heavy-duty machining the VT 250 is equipped with an integrated self-loading system and even though, it gets along with a small foot print. High productivity, high repeat accuracy and good operability are the convincing product features that characterize this machine.

The turning machine has an integrated pick-up system and self loads chuck parts with a diameter of up to 200 mm, thus saving the user the additional costs and programming time involved with the use of an automated unit. It is no longer necessary to align the automated unit with the machine causing downtime.

The VT 250 is also supplied as standard with a conveyor belt system in which customers can store up to 24 workpieces. The conveyor belt moves the workpieces into the pick-up position. The vertical, high-power spindle makes turning, drilling and threading operations easy. The rigid machine structure creates the requirements for substantial cutting performance in serial production and is ideally suited for fine- and hard machining.

Equipped with specially large roller guides the new machine is predominantly suited for work on short and heavy workpieces with a large diameter. The large guide rails and guide shoe guarantee excellent stability even at  high loads.

On the tool turret 12 tools with the VDI40 shank can be mounted. The basic machine also includes a coolant device and a chip conveyor, which ensures optimal chip removal.

The new VT 250 is also ideally equipped from a control perspective: The new Sinumerik 828D from Siemens is impressively simple to operate and program. The ShopTurn interface particularly facilitates job shops with programming.

EMCO VERTICAL VT 250 – this compact, high-performance machine, developed and produced in line with the “Design to Cost” principle, is your entrance ticket to vertical turning for a very attractive price!

Versions EMCO Vertical VT 250

EMCO Vertical VT 250 – Basic machine without driven tools with belt drive on the main spindle
EMCO Vertical VT 250 – Basic machine with driven tools and belt drive on the main spindle
EMCO Vertical VT 250 M (ISM) – Basic machine with driven tools and hollow spindle drive
EMCO Vertical VT 250 MY (ISM) – Basic machine with driven tools, Y axis and hollow spindle drive