The EMCOTURN E65: European cutting-edge technology at the best possible price

giugno 2009

Customers no longer need to make any compromises: the EMCOTURN E65 can, depending on the requirements of the customer, be equipped with a tailstock, driven tools, C axis, a bar loader package and much more. Customers can choose between either a Siemens or Fanuc control. And all this in typical EMCO top quality.

HALLEIN – The EMCOTURN E65 is part of EMCO’s E-series. This series has been strictly designed according to EMCO’s maxim of “Design to Cost”: the customer is given the highest possible practical value at the lowest cost possible. All components which contribute to the performance, precision and durability of a machine are optimized, while at the same time focusing on the substantial features the customer requires.

In line with EMCO’s philosophy of “Made in the Heart of Europe”, all machines are developed and produced entirely in Central Europe in cooperation with European brand manufacturers. All of whom fulfill the highest standards regarding quality, productivity and economy.

Depending on the make, the EMCOTURN E65 forms the basis for efficient machining of precision and machined parts. The range of manufactured workpieces ranges from hydraulic / pneumatic components, to machines as well as engine and automotive parts, all the way to components from the field of biomedical engineering or the fields of materials and bulk material handling. Friction and antifriction bearing parts are just a few more examples of the nearly endless possibilities.

Machine configuration

This compact 2 axes CNC turning center is designed for machining barstock parts of up to a diameter of 65 mm and chuck parts of up to Ø 250 mm. Among the properties of the spindle are its high drive power and great speed range, as well as its thermal stability. The tool changer contains 12 VDI30 axial stations. If desired, all 12 stations can be powered. Synchronized thread cutting and polygonal turning are just a few of the numerous possible operations which can be easily carried out because of this. The work area not only permits free chip flow but also promotes work ergonomics. The guideways are completely covered and therefore fully protected.

To facilitate efficient manufacturing, the EMCOTURN E65 is equipped either with a bar loader package with the short bar loader EMCO COMPACT LOAD E65, an alarm lamp and interface or with the EMCO TOP LOAD 10-65/3300 for the automatic loading of bar material with a diameter of 10 to 65 mm and a length of up to 3.3 meters. 

The EMCOTURN E65 is available in various versions: with and without tailstock, as well as with and without driven tools. As for the control, customers have the choice between the SIEMENS 810D including Shopturn or the FANUC 0i including Manual Guide.

Technical details/ Concept of the machine:

Machine base:

The 45° inclined bed, made of high-strength welded steel, is a compact, torsion resistant four track bed construction. All guides are linear roller guides, which have been bedded without play. The four track bed permits the free travel of the tailstock and ensures optimum thermal stability determined by the geometry} All guideways are covered and protected by telescopic covers, thereby improving operational safety and prolonging service life.

Main spindle:

The high driving power of the spindle combined with an optimal torque curve ensures economic efficiency in cutting steel, as well as high-speed cutting of aluminum. The main spindle guarantees a bar capacity of up to 65 mm and is supported with extra large precision bearings.  These allow for a wide range of speeds with extremely good running truth. A symmetrical headstock with fitted cooling fins ensures optimum thermostability. 


On the EMCOTURN E65 with tailstock, the tailstock is set up on the linear roller slide and can be positioned automatically within a range of 500 mm. The rolling centre with MK4 shaft is directly integrated into the tailstock and can be removed using a pressure wedge.

Tool holder:

The tool holder is made up of a 12-tool VDI30 axial turret with direction logic. This means that it always takes the shortest way when swiveling to the next tool. All 12 stations can accept driven tool holders. A servo motor powers the driven tools and the swivel movement, respectively. The machine operator may adjust the slewing speed at any time, using a feed-override switch.

C axis/main spindle (model-specific):

The C axis is part of the machine's standard equipment. The spindle can be positioned with a resolution of 0.001°. A directly attached no-contact rotary encoder without a belt drive guarantees the precision of the C axis as well as precise contour milling. In addition, the main spindle can be clipped into the right position for drilling and milling operations using a spindle brake.

Feed drive:

Highly dynamic three-phase drives in all linear axes, with preloaded circulating ball spindles, provide high feed forces and positioning with repeatable accuracy.

Measure system:

Incremental measure systems in the feed motor are integrated in all linear axes. Positioning variation according to VDI3441 in X/Z: 0.003/0.0035 mm

Clamping unit:

The clamping unit is a hydraulic clamping system with a bar capacity of up to ø 65 mm, including a programmable chuck stroke monitor and direct measure system. Time-consuming adjustments with the tools are thereby substituted by a simple training in Teach-In-Mode.


The EMCOTURN E65 uses an automatic centralized lubrication system with lubricant-saving impulse lubrication due to its integrated pressure and quantity monitoring.

Coolant device:

A central coolant supply through the VDI interface at the turret and through the tool holder ensures optimal cooling and lubrication during the machining process. An additional coolant pipe has been installed to clean the clamping devices and the work area.

Hydraulic system:

The hydraulic system is a high-pressure compact hydraulic system with a pump and a fine filter in the head pipe, with which the chucking pressure can be more finely adjusted, an absolute must for clamping sensitive work-pieces in the main and the counter spindle. Thanks to its compact construction it only has a small footprint.


The casing of the machine is completely closed. Its door is monitored with safety switches to prevent operator injury and features a sizeable viewing window made of laminated safety glass. 

Finished parts pick-up unit (optional):

The pneumatically operated pick-up unit removes finished parts from the main or the counter spindle. The parts are gently transported into a finished parts container outside of the work area. Max. length of finished parts: 175 mm; Max ø 65 mm; Max. weight: 4.5 kg

Technical Data:












Max. bar capacity [mm]












Max. speed [rpm]


Main spindle


Driven tools






























Max. drive power [kW]


Main spindle


Driven tools

































Max. travel X/Z [mm]




210 / 610








Rapid speed X/Z [m/min]




24 / 24








Number of tool adapters




12 x VDI30




12 x VDI30




Number of tool positions













Machine versions E65 + E65 Big Bore:


· Choice of control: Fanuc or Siemens

· E65 T: Basic version without driven tools, without tailstock

· E65 TC: Tailstock version without driven tools

· E65 TM: Basic version with driven tools, without tailstock

· E65 TCM: Tailstock version with driven tools