CAD/CAM Simulation
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CAD/CAM Simulation

Whoever wants to design scenarios for the future, needs as much information as possible from different sources. EMCO's Virtual Workflow allows you to simulate and optimise your planned processes. This helps you test processes and train skilled workers without any downtime.


  • Complete CNC programming for up to 22-axis turning
    Turning/milling for single-spindle lathes
    Turning/milling for multi-carriage turning centers
    Turning/milling for multi-tasking machine tools including B axis
  • Simulations
    Dry runs in dynamic volume view
    Shaded in the entire working environment
    Machine tool, clamping devices, blank and workpiece
    Extensive collision detection
    Tool, blank, workpiece clamping devices and target/actual workpiece comparison

CPS Pilot

  • 100 % identical behavior of machine and PC
    Collision monitoring for clamps, parts, tools, tool holders and machine components
    Collisions can be completely eliminated before they even happen
    The machine's productivity is maximized
    Perfect tuning of both tooling systems
    Resimulation and optimization of existing NC programms
    Fewer rejects
    Ideal for internal machining and operator training courses (no machine downtimes!)
    Very little training required, as identical with the machine's user interface