Main and counter spindle
Tool turret with milling drive (8000 rpm)
Driven tools for milling and drilling operations
Y axis directly implemented in the machine construction
EMCO bar or swing loader
Siemens or Fanuc control
EMCONNECT - Digital Process assistent /optional

Technical data

Work area
Travel in X/Y/Z 160 / +40/-30 / 510 mm
Bar diameter Ø 45 (51) mm
Max. turning diameter Ø 300 mm
Swing over bed 430 mm
Spindle distance 720 mm
Main spindle
Max. speed 0-7000 rpm
Max. drive power 15 kW
Max. torque 100 Nm
Counter spindle
Max. speed 0-7000 rpm
Max. drive power 15 kW
Max. torque 100 Nm
Tool turret
VDI size VDI 25
Number of tools 12
Driven tools 12
Max. speed 0-8000 rpm
Max. drive power 4 kW
Max. torque 16 Nm
General data
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2662 x 1790 x 2080 mm
Machine weight 4000 kg


  • Very high thermostability

  • Extremely machining precision

  • High rapid motion speeds

  • Very stable Y axis with long travel

  • High-precision C axis

  • Driven tools

  • Very compact machine layout

  • Cutting-edge control technology from

  • Siemens or Fanuc

  • Simple, dialog-supported programming

  • Made in the Heart of Europe

Disc brake on main- and counter spindle

Disc brake on main- and counter spindle

Main spindle

Main spindle

Counter spindle and parts catcher

Counter spindle and parts catcher

Overall dimensions/Work space

Machine Layout MAXXTURN 45 with SL 1200

Floor plan MAXXTURN 45 with SL 1200




Eccentric disc



Steel 16 MN Cr 5


High-pressure coolant pump

A swivel guide with a coolant pump with 20 bar cools spindle and tools.Alternatively cooling by air is possible.


Short-bar loader EMCO SL 1200

The EMCO short-bar loader SL 1200 is the perfect solution for the automatic reloading of pre-cut bars up to 1200 mm.

The adavantage: small footprint and short loading times through shorter strokes.

The control unit is perfectly adapted to the interface of the machine.


Sinumerik 840D sl incl. ShopTurn and EMCONNECT

The Sinumerik 840D sl is a universal and flexible CNC system. The Sinumerik 840D sl offers a wide range of functions. It is ideally suited for applications using the most diverse technologies. The Sinumerik 840D sl sets new standards with regard to dynamics, precision and ease of integration into networks.

With the Sinumerik 840D sl you profite from

  • Utmost performance and flexibility
  • System-wide openness
  • Highly effective protection against personal injury and damage to the machine

Sinumerik & the digital process-assistent EMCONNECT

  • EMCONNECT included in the standard machine with Siemens 840D sl
  • With just one click you can switch between emcoNNECT and the NC control
  • Full screen or sidebar mode


  • Free contour programming
  • Fast datum-setting process with touch probes
  • Tilting the working plane
  • Cylindrical surface machining
  • 3-D tool compensation
  • Fast execution through short block processing times

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Fanuc 31i-B
The Series 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B CNCs have been developed for the next generation of high performance machine tools

Their enhanced functionality and superior performance extends the potential of machine capabilities into the future. The product line spans from standard CNC applications up to the most complex machine tools and non-traditional applications. FANUC controls have a world-class reputation
for performance, precision, reliability and user-friendly operation, making them popular with the most demanding managers and operators alike. With more than 2.2 million controls already installed around the
globe, FANUC is the world’s leading CNC manufacturer. By choosing a machine tool with a FANUC CNC it will be available for production more often, process more parts and use less energy.

  • Compatibility with all predecessor CNC versions
  • Minimal integration required. Existing programs run without new/reprogramming
  • Simple parts programming through fixed cycles and customer macros
    This is complemented by the easy to use MANUAL GUIDE i Dialog Programming
  • Easy operation through a user-friendly graphics display for visual parts program checks
  • Extensive help functions
  • Interpolation in the nanometer range for the highest surface quality.
  • Ethernet connectivity:
    CNC screens allow the operator to display parts programs which are saved in an FTP server directory and to load selected files onto the machine. Alternatively, files can be loaded onto the machine from a remote office with the parts program transfer tool with .
    drag & drop.

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