Maxxturn 95

Maxxturn 95

Maxxturn 95

Technical data

Work area
Travel in X/Y/Z 318 / +80/-60 / 1360 mm
Bar diameter 95 mm
Max. turning diameter 500 mm
Swing over bed 700 mm
Distance between centers 1430 mm
Rapid motion speeds in X/Y/Z 24/12/30 m/min
Main spindle
Max. speed 3500 / 2500 rpm
Spindle nose A2-8
Max. drive power 33 / 42 kW
Max. torque 800 / 1040 Nm
Automatic tailstock Yes
Inner cone MK4
Travel (automatic) 1050 mm
Tool turret
VDI size 40 / BMT55P
Number of tools 12
Driven tools 12
Max. speed 4000 / 12000 rpm
Max. drive power 8 / 10 kW
Max. torque 35 /30 Nm
General data
Dimensions (LxWxH) 6511 x 2249 x 2150 mm
Machine weight 11000 kg


  • High thermostability and precise machining

  • High rapid motion speed

  • Very stable Y axis with long travel High-precision C axis

  • Driven tools 12 time VDI40 axial turret with single-motor engineering and block tool system

  • Very compact machine layout

  • State-of-the-art control technology from Siemens for simple dialog-supported programming

BMT Turret

For cost-effective production of complex turning/milling work pieces, in which milling is predominant, the optional BMT 55P turret with water-cooled direct drive is available. With a maximum of 12000 rpm, 30 Nm and 10 kW, this turret offers optimum conditions, stability for complete machining and maximum productivity.

Tool Turret

12 + 12 station hybrid tool turret - VDI40 + block-tool, axial turret with single-motor technology. A servo motor powers the driven tools and the swivel movement. No tool rise, continuous switching with directional logic. Each station can take up driven tool holders with DIN 5480 coupling. 12 additional block-tool interfaces allow the use of large and heavy boring bars up to a diameter of 50 mm.

Main Spindle

Two versions are available. One using a conventional beld-drive for high torque (up to 1040 Nm) and heavy machining and another one using the approved water-cooled motor spindle for higher spindle speeds. This one also offers optimal conditions for complex milling operations.


The Y-axis forms a highlight in the MAXXTURN series. She is integrated in the machine structure so that maximum stability based on short overhangs and wide distanced roller guids is guaranteed. Thus, complex machining tasks can be done and workpieces can be completely finished in a single setup.

Overall dimensions/Work space

Machine Layout

Work Area with VDI40 turret

Work area with VDI40 turret

Work Area with BMT55P turret


Examples of use

  • Hydraulic/pneumatic components
  • Motors and vehicle parts
  • Medical engineering
  • Sliding and rolling bearings parts 
  • Materials handling technology
  • Fixing systems etc.

Tool turret disc

Tool turret disc made of steel

Drive shaft

Drive shaft made of steel


Wheel made of aluminium


Steady rest

Various choices: single or double steady rest in different sizes with towing system or NC drive.

EMCO tool break monitoring

The tool status is monitored by evaluating the load on the various axis drive motors. Excessive loads point to wear or broken tools. Too low load indicates a tool is missing.

Band filter with high-pressure coolant pumps

A coolant pressure of 25/40/60 or 80 bar can be set as needed. This enables coolant-fed drilling and milling tools to be used to their best advantage.


Turn / Mill Assist

Compact standard automation for small and medium-sized batches for turning and milling machines.

  • Reduction of working hours by up to 70% 
  • Compact and space-saving solution
  • Graphically supported operation
  • Free access to the machine door
  • For small and medium-sized series
  • Very short configuration and setup times
  • No special knowledge about robots required
  • On-site installation and training


FlexLoader cells from Emco are standardised and flexible solutions for automating your machines - the result: improved productive processes and increased efficiency.

  • Customised Solutions with well engineered products
  • Standard cells and function packages
  • Optional extras (deburring station, gripper exchange, measuring units and much more)
  • Illustration of the entire process
  • Everything from a single source - one contact
  • Pre-fabricated and proven solutions
  • Developed with a focus on safety, flexibility and standardisation
  • Global service


EMCONNECT - Digital Process Assistant

For increased productivity and efficiency in production.

EMCONNECT facilitates easy access to digital production – all important information and systems are accessed centrally on the machine.  The familiar NC control and hence the familiar operation of the machine remain unchanged.
A clear and compact overview of the machine state, the machine data and the operating mode is available at a glance thanks to the emcoNNECT Dashboard.  The hardware basis of the EMCONNECT control centre is a 22“ multi-touch display teamed with an industrial PC and a keyboard including HMI hotkeys for easy and intuitive operation via a user interface optimised for touchscreen use.

Included as standard equipment in the Siemens machine version (Siemens 840D sl).

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Esprit (optional)

The sensational CAM solution for turning and turning/milling. ESPRIT greatly simplifies the programming of complex machining processes and significantly reduces set-up times.

ESPRIT Applications:

  • Complete CNC programming for up to 22-axis turning
  • Turning/milling for single-spindle lathes
  • Turning/milling for multi-carriage turning centers
  • Turning/milling for multi-tasking machine tools including B axis


  • Dry runs in dynamic volume view
  • Shaded in the entire working environment: Machine tool, clamping devices, blank and workpiece
  • Extensive collision detection: Tool, blank, workpiece clamping devices and target/actual workpiece comparison

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EMCO CPS Pilot (optional)
EMCO CPS PILOT is the virtual EMCO machine on the PC. The operator works at an external programming station with an image of the machine in simulated operation. Therefore, NC programs can be planned, programmed, simulated and honed.

Using CPS the result is 100 % production reliability, up to 80 % shorter set-up times and an enormous increase in productivity and operating efficiency.

  • 100 % identical behavior of machine and PC
  • Collision monitoring for clamps, parts, tools, tool holders and machine components
  • Collisions can be completely eliminated before they even happen
  • The machine's productivity is maximized
  • Perfect tuning of both tooling systems
  • Resimulation and optimization of existing NC programs
  • Fewer rejects
  • Ideal for internal machining and operator training courses (no machine downtimes!)
  • Very little training required, as identical with the machine's user interface

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Sinumerik 840D sl incl. ShopTurn and EMCONNECT

The Sinumerik 840D sl is a universal and flexible CNC system. The Sinumerik 840D sl offers a wide range of functions. It is ideally suited for applications using the most diverse technologies. The Sinumerik 840D sl sets new standards with regard to dynamics, precision and ease of integration into networks.

With the Sinumerik 840D sl you profite from

  • Utmost performance and flexibility
  • System-wide openness
  • Highly effective protection against personal injury and damage to the machine

Sinumerik & the digital process-assistent EMCONNECT

  • EMCONNECT included in the standard machine with Siemens 840D sl
  • With just one click you can switch between emcoNNECT and the NC control
  • Full screen or sidebar mode


  • Free contour programming
  • Fast datum-setting process with touch probes
  • Tilting the working plane
  • Cylindrical surface machining
  • 3-D tool compensation
  • Fast execution through short block processing times

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