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CAMConcept is innovative software for complete CAD/CAM and CNC training, from design to manufacture.

CAMConcept incorporates both the functions of a professional CAD/CAM system and the advantages of a special training program for machining technology.

All core CAD program functions are available.

Graphic displays of CNC cycles allow quick programming, while simulations and collision checks ensure that control programming is safe.

The 3D simulations make it perfect for training at programming stations, and also for making complex turning and milling workpieces simple to produce any time.

With its many functions, user-friendly operation and clear structure, CAMConcept is one of the leading software systems in the field of training.


  • Symbol controlled operator guidance
  • Graphic input form
  • Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Chech
  • 3D machining simulation (Workpiece, clamping device and collision control)
  • Display of various control formats (via optional postprocessors)
  • Editable tool library
  • Direct control of Concept MILL/TURN 55/60/105



    • CAD elements: All core CAD functions are available, which replace many complex CAD programs for training. DXF drawings are simple to import.
    • CAM elements: By means of clear operation cycles programming for all CNC machines is possible. Teaches cycle programming for the industrial use of dialog controls. Drawings of stages of the work process are transferred quickly to the machined parts.
    • CNC elements: Workpieces are produced through direct control of the CNC machine. You can watch views of the machine's functions, positions, and status when the program is running. The simulation of workpiece processing serves as program control and training.
    • AV elements: Editable tool library and drawings.


CAM cycle programming

Easy programming of complex NC-cycles. Simulation of raw parts, workpieces and clamping devices in 2D, 2.5D and 3D (collision check).

Creates CAD drawings and workpieces

Various operations (including dimensioning, crosshatching, labeling,...). DXF drawings can be imported simply and workpieces can be created easier therefore.

Adjustable clamping devices and blanks

Clamping devices and blanks can be adjusted and are realistically simulated by the program.


Tool library

The tool library contains a database which allows you to create, save, search and simulate tools as a 3D-model.

Automatic contour programming

Automatized creation of complex contours for machining.

NC program editor

CAMConcept is equipped with an editor function including cycles and help diagrams that makes operating and programming simpler.

Supports various control and machine types

CAMConcept can be used with different control and machine types. (NC-export via postprocessor and DIN/ISO-interface)

Online help functions

The online help functions can be accessed for questions on how to use CAMConcept.

Preparatory work

Creation and printing of tool lists, drawings,..




Our demo versions contain the full function range, but they are limited to 30 days (from date of installation). You can convert the demo version into a full version by using the license manager and entering the activation code.

Title Version Filesize
DEMO 2.14 131.64 MB


Get up to date. The only requirement is that you have a valid license key. The improvements concerning the update are documented in History. You are reminded that, in case of an update, all WinNC-components  (WinNC-controls, 3DView, DNC, Robotic, CAMConcept,...) located in the regarding directory must be updated to the current release-version.

Title Version Filesize
UPDATE CAMConcept 2.14 131.64 MB
UPDATE Postprocessors 2.26 14.43 MB
short description für update installation 415.01 KB
ACC update 3.02.0004 30.40 MB
MSD/PLC 2020.07.29 737.96 KB
Remove SPOX 2006.12.05 1.92 MB


Title Version Filesize
CAMConcept Mill English D 2014-05 5.01 MB
CAMConcept Turn English D 2014-05 4.11 MB







2.14   02.04.2020   Compatibility WinNC
2.12   23.01.2019   Compatibility WinNC for Heidenhain TNC 640, Release Chech
2.10   30.05.2017   Compatibility WinNC for Heidenhain TNC 640
    14.09.2015   Release for Windows 10
2.08   19.12.2014   Start behaviour improved
2.06   23.05.2014   No MSD-disk for update-installation needed any more
2.04   11.03.2013   Compatibility 'WinNC for Sinumerik Operate' / Windows8
2.02   24.04.2012   Compatibility 'WinNC for Sinumerik Operate'
2.00   10.11.2009   Extensive upgrades and improvements in all sections
1.42   26.06.2008   Revision Tool-editor
1.40   08.04.2008   ISO-Code, Zero offset, Turn55-adaption, new control surface
1.20   19.04.2007   Release Spanish version, VISTA, UNICODE
1.12   30.10.2006   Release French/Dutch
1.10   30.10.2006   Release German/English
1.08   11.09.2006   technical Release Turn, German
1.06   20.07.2006   technical Release Mill, German


CAMConcept Licenses

Single license

External programmer work place for any CNC machine tool

Multiple license

For external NC programming of NC controlled machine tools. It may be installed within an institute registered by the licenser in an unlimited number on PC workstations respectively in a network.

Machine license PC

Control software for EMCO Concept machines with external Control-PC (CONCEPT TURN/MILL 55/60/105)


Concept machines

Whether for small businesses or for professional CNC training the Concept machines can be applied flexibly. With its modular concept the machine series can be used in a productional CIM network as well as for training purposes equipped with training softwares and coursewares. 

For more information about the Concept machines click "machines" in the main menu.


CAMConcept postprocessors are available for the following WinNC controls: Sinumerik Operate 840D sl, Heidenhain TNC 426/430, Fagor 8055, Sinumerik 810D/840D, Sinumerik 810/820, GE Fanuc Series 0/21 and Emcotronic TM02


Please contact your sales partner for an upgrade from WinCam to CAMConcept.