Consulting Services

From planning, through financing, to implementation and aftercare - EMCO Industrial Training works out an entire package tailored specifically to the clients' needs with which they're perfectly prepared for CNC training.

A worthwile investment in the future: Consulting Services.

Clients see the systems of EMCO Industrial Training primarily as a worthwile investment in the future. EMCO is aware of this at every stage and, for this reason, acts in a considerate and responsible manner. 

The typical built up to a project can take between 2 and 4 years. A time of intensive preparation, it is used mainly for developing detailed concepts and winning over clients, foreign ministries, international financial institutions and other decision-making bodies. The various approaches to and expectations of different initial situations also form a particularly exciting part of projects like these. Tact and understanding, diplomacy and lobbying are just as important as the quality of machines and teaching materials to the successful conclusion of a business transaction worth millions.


Even if the underlying factor of every project, whether based in Brasil, Ireland or in the Philippines, is the need for up-to-date expertise, customers are increasingly requesting an entire package tailored specifically to their needs, and which encompasses all stages from financial planning to implementation. Especially, this involves preparing curriculums, providing modern training documents, setting comprehensive training and advanced training programs for teachers, and providing equipment, including entire laboratory and classroom facilities. 

Above all, it involves compliance with requirements and guidelines if the project is to be successfully implemented within the country's existing systems.

Projects of this size usually consist of 4 phases. The more closely these are examined, the clearer it is to see how extensive, time-intensive, and complicated equipping a CNC training center can be, and exactly how much interdisciplinary knowledge is needed.