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Special projects require special partners

With EVVA and EMCO, two companies have found each other who can get a lot out of working together. For example, when it comes to reacting quickly and flexibly to customer requirements and having the right machinery and machining processes available. Additionally, you also enter innovative new territory in automation and digitisation.

The task was as clear as it was demanding: The requirement was to dry machine brass components with small holes (d 1.8) with the shortest set-up times possible, a complex parts spectrum and connection to a future fully digitised production environment. Anyone who has visions needs machines that can implement them. At EVVA, the next step in the company's history, steeped in innovation, is: The digitisation of production processes from shop floor to ERP. Deciding who you want to have by your side in taking this step is very important.

EMCONNECT as the best platform

After a rigorous selection process, it soon became clear that EMCO could best meet the criteria for collaboration. The reasons for this are varied: EMCO and EVVA have long maintained a very trusting relationship regarding the equipment of the shop floor. In addition: Thanks to the flexible EMCONNECT software platform, EMCO’s new generation of machines is particularly suitable for the upcoming projects at EVVA.

Joint research projects

In addition, the relationship has been strengthened by the companies’ research collaboration at the Vienna University of Technology: The Austrian Center for Digital Production (CDP) is a laboratory in which companies and scientists work together on solutions in the field of automation and cyber-physical production systems. EVVA and EMCO participate in this project and benefit from the knowledge gained there.

Complete machining with a modular system

Ideal conditions, therefore, to move forward together. The first milestone of the new production philosophy is the creation of a flexible production system that enables automated complete machining for low batch sizes as well as medium-volume production series. EMCO basic solutions provide the basis for this; thanks to the high variation possibilities, these solutions are combined into an optimally suitable unit. The overarching idea is to be able to manage all digitised production from a modular set of standard elements.

We are happy to announce that, after years of excellent cooperation, EVVA will accompany us in the next important development step in production. Our digitisation expertise has helped us deliver the most impressive concept to this customer.

Ing. Leopold Zerz, Sales Director Austria, EMCO

Hyperturn Powermill as a base

After extensive joint analyses and testing, the chosen modular solution was a Hyperturn 65 Powermill equipped with a spindle with 18,000 rpm, a BMT turret and an 80-station chain magazine. For this purpose, an individual EMCONNECT control interface was compiled, which met the requirements exactly. Integrated glass scales in all axes ensure maximum precision and an EMCO short bar loader optimises loading and unloading time and costs.

Innovative and interacting robot

A special feature is the use of a Cobot. This collaborative robot can interact with human colleagues and is integrated as an extension with a specially designed interface. It ensures efficient processing of special orders and thanks to its lightweight and innovative design, is easy and quick to use. At peak times, it can also handle less complex standard jobs.

Focus on sustainability and clean production

Sustainable and environmentally friendly use of resources was also an essential part of the system planning. Thanks to dry processing, coolants and lubricants can be reduced or completely done without altogether. The parts no longer need to be washed because this type of processing uses no aggressive agents which can affect the material. All in all, a reduction in the many fluids and work processes involved, and important for the consistent implementation of a clean production strategy at EVVA.