From experience

From experience in turning


Special projects require special partners. With EVVA and EMCO, two companies have found each other who can get a lot out of working together. For example, when it comes to reacting quickly and flexibly to customer requirements and having the right machinery and machining processes available. Additionally, you also enter innovative new territory in automation and digitisation.

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From experience in milling


People who are looking for innovations sometimes find the unexpected. The family business BAUER have already found this out for themselves. A modern and flexible machining centre was on their shopping list. With EMCO, a great deal of design and testing led to the discovery of other solutions that surpassed even the highest expectations. A collaboration where everyone has learned a lot. The main lesson here: unusual thinking leads to better solutions.

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From experience in automation


Modern production companies rely on machines that work with a small number of manual work steps and with a minimum of human monitoring. Automation is a term for the optimal combination of high tech and efficiency. Thanks to an innovative solution from EMCO, the automation of grinding wheel production at TYROLIT has been expanded to a level which is technically remarkable.

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