Emcoturn E65
Emcoturn E65

Emcoturn E65


New design/ new colour: Target date upon request
Main spindle with large speed range Tool turret with 12 VDI 30 (VDI40) tool stations
Driven tools and C axis for main spindle
Fully automatic tailstock without quill for center punch MK4
State-of-the-art drive and control technology Sinumerik 828D, Heidenhain CNC PILOT 640 or Fanuc Oi TF
Short-bar loader SL 1200

Technical data

Work area
Travel in X/Y/Z 210 / +/-40 / 610 mm
Bar diameter ø 65 (95) mm
Max. turning diameter ø 500 mm
Swing over bed ø 610 mm
Distance between centers 682 mm
Rapid motion speeds in X/Y/Z 30/15/30 m/min
Main spindle
Max. speed 5000 (3500) rpm
Spindle nose A2-6
Max. drive power 22 kW
Max. torque 305 Nm
Counter spindle
Max. speed 5000 rpm
Spindle nose A2-6
Max. drive power 16,5 kW
Max. torque 130 Nm
Automatic tailstock yes
Inner cone MT4
Travel (automatic) 500 mm
Tool turret
VDI size 30 (40)
Number of tools 12
Driven tools 12
Max. speed 5000 rpm
Max. drive power 6,7 kW
Max. torque 25 Nm
General data
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3335 x 2315 x 2450 mm
Machine weight 6500 kg


  • Thermosymmetric spindle stock

  • Extremely solid machine bed and compact machine dimensions

  • Prestressed roller guides in all axes

  • Axial tool turret for the tailstock version

  • Radial tool turret for the counter spindle version

  • Part pick-up device

Axial tool turret for the tailstock version

Axial tool turret for the tailstock version

Tool measurement

Tool measurement (optional)

Part pick-up device

Part pick-up device

Overall dimensions/Work space

Work area EMCOTURN E65 with tailstock (VDI30)

Work area EMCOTURN E65 with tailstock (VDI30)

Machine layout EMCOTURN E65

Machine layout EMCOTURN E65

Work area EMCOTURN E65S with Counter Spindle (VDI30)

Work area EMCOTURN E65S with Counter Spindle (VDI30)

Work area E65 with tailstock (VDI40)

Work area E65 with tailstock (VDI40)

Work area E65S with counter spindle (VDI40)

Work area E65S with counter spindle (VDI40)

Machine layout E65 with SL 1200

Aufstellplan E65 mit SL 1200


Examples of use

  • General engineering
  • Hydraulic components
  • Pneumatic components
  • Medical engineering
  • Fixing system
  • Material technology
  • Motor sport
  • Drive technology

Drive hub

made of gray cast iron

Hydraulic piston

made of hardened steel

Drilling hammer ram

made of tool steel

Screw fitting for hydraulic unit

made of tempering steel

Eccentric Disc

made of aluminium

Axle stub

made of steel

Sun gear shaft

made of steel



for stationary tools incl. tailstock


incl. driven tools, C-axis, Y-axis and tailstock.


incl. driven tools, C-axis, Y-axis and tailstock.


incl. counter spindle, driven tools and C-axis.


incl. counter spindle, driven tools, C-axis and Y-axis.


Part catcher

Parts catch device that carries finished parts off.

Automatic door

Automatic door system especially for manual workpiece loading.

Chip conveyer

Chain feeding system with a dump-height of 1200 mm, suitable for: long steel shavings, snarl and wool chips for dry and wet machining.

Tool holder packages

Different tool holder packages for stationary and driven tools.

Tool measurement

The tool measurement sensor mounted in the work area of the EMCOTURN makes it possible to measure tools in the machine. It can be swiveled in and out automatically.

Band filter with high-pressure coolant pumps

A coolant pressure of 25/40/60 or 80 bar can be set as needed. This enables coolant-fed drilling and milling tools to be used to their best advantage.


Turn / Mill Assist

Compact standard automation for small and medium-sized batches for turning and milling machines.

  • Reduction of working hours by up to 70%
  • Compact and space-saving solution
  • Graphically supported operation
  • Free access to the machine door
  • For small and medium-sized series
  • Very short configuration and setup times
  • No special knowledge about robots required
  • On-site installation and training

Short-bar loader EMCO SL 1200

The EMCO short-bar loader SL 1200 is the perfect solution for the automatic reloading of pre-cut bars up to 1200 mm.

The adavantage: small footprint and short loading times through shorter strokes.

The control unit is perfectly adapted to the interface of the machine.


Sinumerik 828D - incl. ShopTurn

High performance CNC control for ultimate accuracy and machining speed. SINUMERIK 828D and SINAMICS drive and motors are perfectly tailored for state of the art turning machines. Powerful CNC-functions combined with a unique 80bit NANOFP Accuracy (80 bit floating point accuracy from the position control to the internal encoder resolution) enable highest work-piece accuracy at a minimum of machining time. With a flexible CNC programming language and the state of the art ShopTurn machining step programming, single parts as well as large batch series can be programmed and machined with maximum effectiveness. Due to powerful kinematic transformations and a large set of technological cycles, SINUMERIK 828D also meets the demands of high sophisticated machine applications with driven tools and sub-spindle. Source picture and text: Siemens

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Heidenhain CNC Pilot 640
  • Excellent motion control based on the proven 5-axis technology of HEIDENHAIN milling controls
  • Import function for CNC programs from all previous versions
  • Automatic program creation with TURN PLUS (up to 90% time saving)
  • Intuitive and fast learning workshop programming
  • Extensive cycle packages for machining and probing already in standard version (including cycles for FreeTurn tool support, trochoidal milling, etc.)
  • 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Detection of tool wear and tool breakage during machining
  • And much more.

Intuitive operation, innovative programming, intelligent user support, excellent motion control: these strengths make the CNC PILOT 640 from HEIDENHAIN the perfect control for lathes, turning-milling centres and high-performance and turning centres.

EMCO now offers their EMCOTURN E45 and EMCOTURN E65 turning machines with Heidenhain's CNC Pilot 640 control.

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Fanuc 0i TF
FANUC CNC Series 0i-Model TF is the ideal solution for compact high-end turning machines. Combining unbeatable value for money with unrivalled performance, accuracy and reliability. The easy to use and programmability are advantages of this compatible all-round CNC control.

  • Excellent value for money
  • High-speed and nano-smoothing machining
  • Fine surface technology combined with shortest cycle times
  • Benchmark in terms of productivity / availability
  • User-friendly MANUAL GUIDE i and 3-D Simulation
  • Completely compatible with older Fanuc CNCs
  • Same Operation, Programming and Maintenance as FANUC Series 3xi-B (seamless CNC)
  • More than 25 years spare parts availability

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