Universal Machining Center UMILL 1800
Universal Machining Center UMILL 1800

Universal Machining Center UMILL 1800


5-axis Gantry Milling Machine for milling and turning operations
Universal Machining Center for 5-sided / 5-axis machining
Wide axes travels (1800 x 2150 x 1250 mm) with reduced overall dimensions in the workshop
Wide openings in the machine covering for simplified loading and unloading
Feedrate: 60 m/min

Technical data

Work area
Travel in X/Y/Z 1800 mm / 2150 mm / 1250 mm
Axes feed rate 60 m/min
Max. table load Rotary table-milling op.: 10000 kg / milling + turning: 6000 kg


  • Universal Machining Center for 5-axis machining and with a spindle torque of 600 Nm (S1)

  • 15° undercut in the miling head positioning

  • Rotary table for milling and turning operations: machining of parts with dimension up to diameter 2150 x 1250 mm

Machine bed/Portal

Electrowelded structure

Tool changer

Automatic tool changer up to 228 pockets

Umill 1800

Overall dimensions/Work space

Machine overall dimensions

Machine working envelope

Machine working envelope 2

Application Cases

mould & die

Aircraft engine casing


Milling of an aircraft component - structure

Milling heads

Simultaneous milling head with high speed spindle and 15° undercut

Power 45/58 kW (S1/S6), torque 300/372 Nm (S1/S6), rotation speed 12000 rpm

Simultaneous milling head with mechanical spindle and 15° undercut

Power 38/48 kW (S1/S6), torque 600/750 Nm (S1/S6), rotation speed 6000 rpm


Siemens 840D sl for Mecof

The NC Siemens 840D Solution Line allows the optimization of the control and drivers parameters to get the highest performances during the high speed machining.

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Heidenhain TNC 640 HSCI

The Heidenhain control unit is designed to simplify programming in the shop floor, providing an interactive programming environment, where the operator communicates with the control system through clear and easily comprehensible language.

The Heidenhain control unit is compatible with DIN/ISO programming standards.

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EMCONNECT - Digital Process Assistant

For increased productivity and efficiency in production.

EMCONNECT facilitates easy access to digital production – all important information and systems are accessed centrally on the machine. The familiar NC control and hence the familiar operation of the machine remain unchanged.
A clear and compact overview of the machine state, the machine data and the operating mode is available at a glance thanks to the emcoNNECT Dashboard. The hardware basis of the EMCONNECT control centre is a 22“ multi-touch display teamed with an industrial PC and a keyboard including HMI hotkeys for easy and intuitive operation via a user interface optimised for touchscreen use.

Included as standard equipment in the Siemens machine version (Sinumerik ONE).

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