Connectivity for optimal workflows & increased productivity
EMCONNECT transforms the operating panel into the operator's central platform for access to all required functions.
Apps assist them in all respects by putting all required applications, data and documents at their disposal.


  • EMCONNECT means connectivity and networking of the production environment. It enables functions such as access to office computers and CAD / CAM systems, web browser for accessing information and IT systems,interfaces for seamless integration into the operating environment,remote diagnostics and maintenance of the machine
  • EMCONNECT creates the prerequisite for the paperless workstations at machinery
  • Clear display of monitoring of the current machine status and production data ensures a structured production process
  • EMCONNECT is designed as an open platform for machine integration into the production environment
  • EMCO´s modular system is ideal for the flexible implementation of applications designed for customer and project-specific requirements
  • Depending on the machine type, EMCONNECT is universally available for all current control units (SINUMERIK 840 D sl, Heidenhain TNC 640, FANUC 31i-B)



Interface for connection to MDC/PDC systems (basic MDC/PDC data are included by default)
/ Machine, program and alarm states
/ Information about quantities, loading/bar change
& programmable signal


Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for the comprehensive organization of all machinery-related processes
/ Machine Data Collection (MDC), Production Data Collection (PDC)
/ All machine and production states at a glance - also on mobile devices
/ Detailed planning and analysis for optimized production utilization
/ Machine and manufacturer-independent thanks to cooperation with a renowned partner
/ Seamless integration with EMCONNECT


EMCONNECT Digital Services offer innovative online services for optimised machine operation:
/ Machine status always and everywhere in view
/ E-mail notification in the event of machine malfunctions or standstill
/ Evaluations of the machine's operation and condition
/ Extended possibilities for remote maintenance
/ Information for targeted, predictive maintenance



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