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August 2019

2-axis CNC turning machines, S45 or S65, with driven tools and tailstock (optionally available without tailstock), for bar and chuck machining, equipped with Siemens or Fanuc control technology. Ideal for automation with EMCO's SL 1200 short bar loader.

Performance data and a price that will facilitate your decision-making:

S45 TCM / with driven tools and tailstock: € 59,990.00 exclusive of VAT.

S65 TCM / with driven tools and tailstock: € 74,990.00 exclusive of VAT.

Machining of bars with diameters of up to 45 / 65 mm

Chuck machining up to 220 / 310 mm

Max. speed: 6300 / 4200 rpm

Drive capacity: 11 / 18 kW

Control: Siemens or Fanuc

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