The DNC-Interface (Distributed Numerical Control) allowes a remote control of the control software (WinNC) via a software-protocol.

The DNC interface creates a connection between a superordinate computer (production master computer, FMS-computer, DNC-host computer etc.) and the control computer of an NC machine.

After activation of the DNC operation the DNC computer (Master) takes over the control of the NC machine (Client).

The entire production control is completely assumed by the DNC computer.

The automation devices such as doors, clamping chuck (collet), sleeve, coolant etc. can be controlled by the DNC computer.

The actual status of the NC machine is displayed on the DNC computer.


  • NC-Start

  • NC-Stop

  • NC-Programme

  • Nullpunktverschiebungen

  • Werkzeugdaten


  • Referenzpunkt anfahren

  • Peripherieansteuerung

  • Overridedaten



Software demo / full version

Just give our WinNC software a try! All WinNC controls can be tested as demo versions free of charge and without obligation.

Our DEMO versions contain the full range of functions (only programming stations, direct control of machines is only possible via licensed software), but their useful life is limited to 30 days (from the date of installation).

By entering a valid license key all demo versions can easily converted into a full version at any time.

заглавие Version Размер файла
DEMO 1.08 11 MB -1


Get up to date. The only requirement is that you have a valid license key. The improvements concerning the update are documented in History.

You are reminded that, in case of an update, all WinNC-components  (WinNC-controls, 3DView, DNC, Robotic, CAMConcept,...) located in the regarding directory must be updated to the current release-version.

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UPDATE 1.08 11 MB -1



Hier finden Sie sämtliche Informationen zur Anwendung und Implementierung der DNC-Schnittstelle.

заглавие Version Размер файла
DNC-Schnittstelle (ASCII-Modus) 141 KB
DNC-Schnittstelle (Binär-Modus) 266 KB
DNC-interface (ASCII-mode) 136 KB -1
DNC-interface (Binary-mode) 244 KB -1







1.08   04.02.2020   Compatibility WinNC
1.06   23.01.2019   Compatibility WinNC for Heidenhain TNC 640
1.04   30.05.2017   Compatibility WinNC for Heidenhain TNC 640
    14.09.2015   Windows 10
1.02   19.12.2014   Enhencements for 'WinNC for Fanuc31i'
    11.03.2013   Windows8
    19.03.2007   VISTA, UNICODE