CNC Milling Machine Maxxmill 630

CNC Milling Machine Maxxmill 630

CNC Milling Machine Maxxmill 630


CNC Milling Machine with mechanical spindle or motor spindle
Tool Changer with 30 / optionally 60 Tool Stations
Vertical Milling Center with Siemens control or Heidenhain control
EMCONNECT – Digital Process Assistant (Siemens 840D sl)

Технические характеристики

Рабочая область
Ход осей X/Y/Z 500+50 / 460 / 450 mm
Расстояние шпинделя к столу 175 / 675 mm
Скорость быстрого хода осей X/Y/Z 30 / 30 / 30 m/min
Сила подачи в осях X/Y/Z 5000 / 5000 / 5000 N
Стол 630 x 500 mm
Макс. нагрузка стола 200 kg
Моторный шпиндель
Макс. скорость оборотов 50 - 15000 rpm
Мощность привода 20 kW
Макс. крутящий момент 100 Nm
Механический шпиндель
Макс. скорость оборотов 50 - 12000 rpm
Мощность привода (S6) 15 kW
Макс. крутящий момент (S6) 100 Nm
Револьверная головка
Число инструментальных гнезд 30 / optionally 60
Габаритные размеры (ДхШхВ) 2500 x 3120 x 3060 mm
Вес станка 4800 kg


  • 5-sided machining in a single set-up

  • CNC Milling Machine with top thermostability

  • Top machining precision

  • Vertical Milling Center with modern moving column concept

  • Massive swivel-rotary table with 630 x 500 mm (24.8 x 19.6") provides high stability and precision

  • Compact machine design

  • Cutting-edge control technology from Siemens or Heidenhain

  • Extensive options such as water-cooled motor spindle with 15000 rpm

  • Optimal chip removal

  • Made in the Heart of Europe


The swivel-rotary table has a large clamping area of 630 x 500 mm (24.8 x 19.6") and can bear loads of up to 250 kg (551.1 lb). This makes it possible to simply machine workpieces with an edge size of 445 x 445 x 290 mm (17.5 x 17.5 x 11.4"). The special shape of the table allows the spindles to move closer to the table center.

Travel Range

With a travel range of +/- 100°, the B axis provides a larger work area than most products from other manufacturers. The C axis can be infinitely rotated by 360°.

Direct Drive on the Z axis

The direct drive on the Z-axis stands for highest accuracy and prevents any play of pulleys or belts.

Overall dimensions/Work space

Machine layout

Machine layout

Work Area

Work Area


Housing (Cast Steel)

Housing (Cast Steel)

Coupling (Steel)

Coupling (Steel)

Test Piece (Aluminium)

Test Piece (Aluminium)


High-pressure coolant pump

A swivel guide with a coolant pump with 20 bar cools spindle and tools.Alternatively cooling by air is possible.

Automatic workpiece measuring

The workpieces are automatically measured by an infrared measuring probe that is mounted on the main spindle. Measuring cycles take over the values.


EMCONNECT - Digital Process Assistant

For increased productivity and efficiency in production.

EMCONNECT facilitates easy access to digital production – all important information and systems are accessed centrally on the machine.  The familiar NC control and hence the familiar operation of the machine remain unchanged.
A clear and compact overview of the machine state, the machine data and the operating mode is available at a glance thanks to the emcoNNECT Dashboard.  The hardware basis of the EMCONNECT control centre is a 22“ multi-touch display teamed with an industrial PC and a keyboard including HMI hotkeys for easy and intuitive operation via a user interface optimised for touchscreen use.

Included as standard equipment in the Siemens machine version (Siemens 840D sl).

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Sinumerik 840D sl incl. ShopMill

The Sinumerik 840D sl is a universal and flexible CNC system. The Sinumerik 840D sl offers a wide range of functions. It is ideally suited for applications using the most diverse technologies. The Sinumerik 840D sl sets new standards with regard to dynamics, precision and ease of integration into networks.

  • When you are programming away from the machine, the TNC 620 automatically takes the machine geometry into account
  • Tilting the working plane
  • Cylindrical surface machining
  • 3-D tool compensation
  • Fast execution through short block processing times

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Heidenhain TNC 620

The latest control offers milling operations, a 19'' TFT colour display and 3D-reproduction and programming graphics.
It is particularly suitable for Mill, HSC- and 5 axis operations at machines up to 6 axes.

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