Gantry Milling Machine Megamill

Gantry Milling Machine Megamill

Gantry Milling Machine Megamill

Universal Machining Centre for the 5-axis machining of tool steel, steel, aluminum and composite materials.


Universal Machining Centre with welded steel construction, high-precision rack and pinion drive with zero clearance in the X- and Y-axes
Z-axis slide in box-in-box design
Thermo-symmetric construction and eightfold bearing of the Z-axis slide
Linear roller guides with zero clearance in all linear axes for high position accuracy
Main spindle motor: 40 kW / 1200 Nm
Mechanical milling heads: infinitely variable positioning and simultaneous
Heads with electrospindle: infinitely variable positioning and simultaneous
Automatic head changer and tool changing systems
Gantry Milling Centre with numeric control: Heidenhain or Siemens

Технические характеристики

Рабочая область
Ход осей X/Y/Z X:7500 mm and more, Y:4000-5000-6000-7000 mm, Z: 1500-2000-2500 mm
Количество осей (базовая версия) 2+3
Скорость подачи 30 m/min
Моторный шпиндель
Мощность привода 40 kW
Макс. крутящий момент 1200 Nm


  • Gantry Milling Machine excellent in movement and cutting

  • 30 m/min in machining and rapid

  • High torque and power: 1200 Nm / 40 kW

  • Universal Machining Centre perfect for mold and dies in the automotive industry and large workpieces in the aerospace industry

Общие габаритные размеры

Application Cases

Система управление/Програмное обеспечение

Siemens 840D sl for Mecof

The NC Siemens 840D Solution Line allows the optimization of the control and drivers parameters to get the highest performances during the high speed machining.

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Heidenhain TNC 640 HSCI

The Heidenhain control unit is designed to simplify programming in the shop floor, providing an interactive programming environment, where the operator communicates with the control system through clear and easily comprehensible language.

The Heidenhain control unit is compatible with DIN/ISO programming standards.

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