Machining Center MMV 2000

Machining Center MMV 2000

Machining Center MMV 2000


Machining Center with motor spindle 15000 rpm – 46 kW (S1/S6), 125/170 Nm (S1/S6)
Roller guide ways
Direct driven ball screws with rapid feeds up to 50 m/min
Tool magazine with 40 tool stations as standard but flexible configuration of tool magazine systems available
CNC Machining Center with Heidenhain or Siemens control
EMCONNECT – Digital Process Assistant (Siemens 840D sl)

Технические характеристики

Рабочая область
Ход осей X/Y/Z 2000 / 800 / 750 mm
Расстояние шпинделя к столу 0 / 750 mm
Количество осей (базовая версия) 3 (4, 5 optionally)
Скорость быстрого хода осей X/Y/Z 50 / 50 / 50 m/min
Рабочая площадь 2400 x 950 mm
Макс. нагрузка стола 2200 kg
Смена инструмента
Количество гнезд для инструмента 30
Макс. диаметр инструмента 75 (125) mm
Фрезерный шпиндель
Макс. скорость оборотов 15.000 rpm
Макс. крутящий момент 125 (S1) / 170 (S1) Nm
Габаритные размеры (ДхШхВ) 6144 x 4267 x 3160
Вес станка 22000 kg


  • Flexible modular design

  • Available as 3-, 4- or 5-axis version

  • CNC Machining Center High-performance motor spindle

  • Rigid linear way system size 55 (X-axis)

  • Direct driven ball screws on the X and Z-axis, quiet operation

  • Machining Center Rotary table and B-axis with torque motors

  • Pneumatic weight balance, highly dynamic

  • SIEMENS 840D sl


  • EMCONNECT for Siemens 840D sl

Machine frame

Axis drives

Milling Spindle

Overall dimensions/Work space

Machine layout, work area MMV 2000

Machine layout, work area MMV 2000



  • General engineering
  • Aircraft engineering
  • Drilling and milling operations

Drive connection

Drive connection (aluminium)

Mounting piece

Mounting piece (aluminium)

Structural component

Structural component (aluminium)


3-axis version MMV 2000

Motor spindle with 15000 rpm with Heidenhain control TNC 640 or Siemens 840D sl


High pressure coolant pump

A swivel guide with a coolant pump with 20 bar cools the tools through the spindle.

Linear scales

Linear measuring of position with linear scales to eliminate displacement (thermal growth) and to increase the machine precision - standard version X-axis, Y- and Z-axis optional

Automatic workpiece measuring

The workpieces are automatically measured within the machine.

Rotary coupling through the rotary table

Rotary coupling through the rotary table to connect a hydraulically operated clamping device.

Laser device for presetting, breakage check and profile measuring tools

A light barrier mounted on machine table scans the tool edges and automatically takes over the values into the tool offset memory for further processing.


Heidenhain TNC 640
TNC 640 Heidenhain offers besides the milling operations also combined milling and turning operations. It is particularly suitable for Mill-Turn, HSC- and 5 axis operations at machines upto 18 axes.


  • 19'' TFT colour display
  • Optimised user interface
  • Interactive fast choice of functions
  • Numerous machining cycles
  • Innovative graphic simulation
  • Improved motion control and short block processing time

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