Hyperturn 110

Hyperturn 110

Hyperturn 110


2 spindles
C axis
2 tool turrets
Powerful milling spindle
Driven tools on both turrets

Технические характеристики

Рабочая область
Ход осей X/Y/Z With B axis (X1/X2/Z1/Z2): +540/-10 / 300 / 1300/1900 / 1340/1940; with tool turret (X1/X2/Z1/Z2): 340 / 300 / 1340/1940 / 1340/1940
Отверстие шпинделя 125 mm
макс. диаметр точения 710 mm
диаметр обработки над станиной 720 mm
расстояние между центрами 1700 / 2300 mm
Скорость быстрого хода осей X/Y/Z 1181 / 590 / 1181 ipm
Главный шпиндель
Макс. скорость оборотов 2500 rpm
торец шппинделя A2-11
Макс. мощность привода 52 kW
Макс. крутящий момент 2480 Nm
Макс. скорость оборотов 2500 rpm
торец шппинделя A2-11
Макс. мощность привода 42 kW
Макс. крутящий момент 1040 Nm
Задняя бабка
диаметр пиноли 150 mm
Конус отверстия задней бабки MT 5
Ход (автоматический) 1100 / 1600 mm
ход пиноли 150 mm
Револьверная головка
VDI размер 40 mm
Число инструментальных гнезд 12
Приводные инструменты 12
Макс. скорость оборотов 3000 rpm
Макс. мощность привода 10.5 kW
Макс. крутящий момент 40 Nm
Револьверная головка 2
VDI размер 40 mm
Число инструментальных гнезд 12
Приводные инструменты 12
Макс. скорость оборотов 3000 rpm
Макс. мощность привода 10.5 kW
Макс. крутящий момент 40 Nm
Фрезерный шпиндель
Число инструментальных гнезд 40 (80 optionally)
диапазон поворота 205°
Макс. скорость оборотов 7000 (12000 optionally) rpm
Макс. мощность привода 21.5 kW
Макс. крутящий момент 128 Nm
Габаритные размеры (ДхШхВ) 7600 x 2550 x 2800 mm
Вес станка 16500 kg


  • Thermosymmetric, high-performance counter spindle solution for stable processing

    Large work area with 2 tool turrets or with one milling spindle and one tool turret for maximum flexibility in terms of workpiece dimensions

    A retractable, backlash-free C axis drive (for main spindle A2-11) increases holding torque and precision when milling and drilling

    Integrated, fully covered tool magazine with up to 80 positions

    Stable EMCO machine base construction for accurate, high-quality production

    Optional CPS pilot for collision-free programming and optimum use of machine capacity

Overall dimensions/Work space

Arbeitsraum HT 110 SMB

 Arbeitsraum HT 110 SMB

Arbeitsraum HT 110 SM2Y

Arbeitsraum HT 110 SM2Y


Gesamtansicht HT 110

Hyperturn 110 SM2Y

CNC-Drehzentrum für die Komplettbearbeitung von Dreh-Frästeilen; 2 Spindeln, 2 Werkzeugsysteme, 6 Linearachsen und 2 Rundachsen; Bettlänge: 2300 mm

Hyperturn 110 SMB

Multi-Achsen-CNC-Drehzentrum mit automatischem Werkzeugwechsel, Y-Achse und B-Achse für die Komplettbearbeitung von Dreh-Frästeilen; Bettlänge: 1700 mm

Hyperturn 110 B

Multi-Achsen-CNC-Drehzentrum mit automatischem Werkzeugwechsel, Y-Achse und B-Achse Bettlänge: 1700 mm

Hyperturn 110 SM2

CNC-Drehzentrum; 2 Spindeln, 2 Werkzeugsysteme, 5 Linearachsen und 2 Rundachsen Bettlänge: 1700 mm

Hyperturn 110 SB

Multi-Achsen-CNC-Drehzentrum mit automatischem Werkzeugwechsel, Y-Achse und B-Achse Bettlänge: 1700 mm


BMT Revolver für Hyperturn 100, 110, 95, Maxxturn 110,

For economical production of complex turned/milled parts with mainly milling share, there is optional the BMT-turret with water cooled direct drive. With max. 6000 rpm, 45/62 Nm* and 15/22 kW*, this turret offers optimal prerequisites for high milling / drilling performance and stability(*S1/S6-50%).


Sinumerik 840D sl inkl. ShopTurn und EMCONNECT

Die Sinumerik 840D sl ist das universelle und flexible CNC-System. Mit einer breiten Funktionalität eignet sie sich für den Einsatz in nahezu allen Technologien. Die Sinumerik 840D sl setzt Maßstäbe hinsichtlich Dynamik, Präzision und Integrierbarkeit in Netzwerke.

Mit der Sinumerik 840D sl setzen Sie auf:

  •     höchste Performance und Flexibilität
  •     durchgängige Offenheit
  •     hochwirksamen Personen- und Maschinenschutz

Sinumerik & EMCONNECT, der digitale Prozess-Assistent
emcoNNECT ist in der Standardmaschine enthalten. Über einen Click ist der Wechsel zwischen emcoNNECT Apps und der Steuerung möglich. Alle produktionsrelevanten Daten können in der Vollbild- oder Sidebar-Ansicht dargestellt werden.

Highlights der Steuerung:

  • Freie Konturprogrammierung
  • Schnelles Bezugspunkt-Setzen mit Tastsystemen
  • Schwenken der Bearbeitungsebene
  •  Zylindermantel-Bearbeitung
  • 3D-Werkzeugkorrektur
  • Schnelles Arbeiten durch kurze Satzverarbeitungszeit

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EMCONNECT - Digital Process Assistant
For increased productivity and efficiency in production.

EMCONNECT facilitates easy access to digital production – all important information and systems are accessed centrally on the machine.  The familiar NC control and hence the familiar operation of the machine remain unchanged.
A clear and compact overview of the machine state, the machine data and the operating mode is available at a glance thanks to the emcoNNECT Dashboard.  The hardware basis of the EMCONNECT control centre is a 22“ multi-touch display teamed with an industrial PC and a keyboard including HMI hotkeys for easy and intuitive operation via a user interface optimised for touchscreen use.

Included as standard equipment in the Siemens machine version (Siemens 840D sl).

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Esprit (optional)

The sensational CAM solution for turning and turning/milling. ESPRIT greatly simplifies the programming of complex machining processes and significantly reduces set-up times.

ESPRIT Applications:

  • Complete CNC programming for up to 22-axis turning
  • Turning/milling for single-spindle lathes
  • Turning/milling for multi-carriage turning centers
  • Turning/milling for multi-tasking machine tools including B axis


  • Dry runs in dynamic volume view
  • Shaded in the entire working environment: Machine tool, clamping devices, blank and workpiece
  • Extensive collision detection: Tool, blank, workpiece clamping devices and target/actual workpiece comparison

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EMCO CPS Pilot (optional)
EMCO CPS PILOT is the virtual EMCO machine on the PC. The operator works at an external programming station with an image of the machine in simulated operation. Therefore, NC programs can be planned, programmed, simulated and honed.

Using CPS the result is 100 % production reliability, up to 80 % shorter set-up times and an enormous increase in productivity and operating efficiency.

  • 100 % identical behavior of machine and PC
  • Collision monitoring for clamps, parts, tools, tool holders and machine components
  • Collisions can be completely eliminated before they even happen
  • The machine's productivity is maximized
  • Perfect tuning of both tooling systems
  • Resimulation and optimization of existing NC programs
  • Fewer rejects
  • Ideal for internal machining and operator training courses (no machine downtimes!)
  • Very little training required, as identical with the machine's user interface

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