Hyperturn 65

Hyperturn 65

Hyperturn 65


2 spindles
3 tool turrets
Up to 36 driven tools at two or three tool turrets
Up to 3 independent Y axes
Automation with EMCO bar- or Gantry Loader
EMCONNECT – Digital Process Assistant (Siemens 840D sl)

Технические характеристики

Рабочая область
Ход осей X/Y/Z z.B. HT 65 DT-1000: X1/X2:260/210, Z1/Z2/Z3:800/800/800, Y1/Y2:100(+/-50) mm
диаметр прутка 65 (76,2 / 95) mm
макс. диаметр точения 500 mm
диаметр обработки над станиной 660 mm
Расстояние шпинделя к столу 1050/1300 mm
Инструмент поперечного сечения для наружной обработки 20 x 20 (25 x 25)
Инструмент поперечного сечения для внутренней обработки 30 (40) mm
Скорость быстрого хода осей X/Y/Z 30 / 12 / 30 m/min
Главный шпиндель
Макс. скорость оборотов 0-5000 (4000 / 3500) U/min
Макс. мощность привода 29 (37) kW
Макс. крутящий момент 200 (250 / 360) Nm
Макс. скорость оборотов 0-5000 (4000 / 3500) U/min
Макс. мощность привода 29 kW
Макс. крутящий момент 250 (280) Nm
Револьверная головка
VDI размер 30 (40)
Число инструментальных гнезд 2/3x12
Приводные инструменты 2/3x12
Макс. скорость оборотов 0-5000 (4500) U/min
Макс. мощность привода 6,7 kW
Макс. крутящий момент 25 Nm
Габаритные размеры (ДхШхВ) 5060 / 5300 x 2850 x 2360 mm
Вес станка ca. 9500 kg


  • CNC turning milling center with 2 high performance and water cooled spindle motors

  • 2x / 3x 12-times turret with VDI 30 / 40 quickchange system

  • Optional with BMT-turrets and direct drive up to 12 000 rpm

  • 2 / 3 Y-axes for processing of complex turned/milled parts

  • Bar stock feed up to ø 95 mm

  • Optimum chip flow and user-friendly work area

  • Highest drive and control performance with Sinumerik ONE or FANUC 31iB

  • Made in the Heart of Europe


The HT65-Duoturn is available with two bed-lengths. One with a distance between spindles of 1050 mm and one with 1300 mm. If it is primarily the machining of short components, the shorter version is sufficient. If long shaft parts are to be machined, the long-bed version with turret steady rest or NC steady rest can be offered. Especially for shaft applications with deep internal machining, the longbed version offers plenty of space for operations. Both turrets are mounted face-to-face, so that long internal machining tools can be accomodated on both turrets.


The HT65-Tripleturn offers the largest work envelope in its class with a distance between spindles of 1300 mm and large X-axes strokes. So the machine can not only be used for bar processing but also to machine larger chucking components. Chucks up to a diameter of 250 mm can be used without limitations at the main and counter spindle. Also the power spectrum of the spindle motors offers sufficient capacity for the machining of larger chuck components.


For the complete machining of shafts on the one hand in the main spindle and on the other hand in the counter spindle, a live center and, if required, a turret steady rest are available on the turret. This allows long, slim workpieces to be manufactured precisely and without chatter marks.


For shaft-type applications, the HYPERTURN 65 offers two tailstock-versions. On the one hand an universal, hydraulic movable tailstock for manually loaded machines and on the other hand an NC-tailstock for fully automatic loaded machines. With the advantage of very short idle times.


Several steady rests are available for shaft machining. Small shaft parts can be supported with a turret-mounted steady rest. A NC steady rest featuring a centring range from 25 to 280 mm is available for large shaft parts.


Thanks to the programmable clamping stroke control, the clamping positions of the two clamping cylinders can be easily taught in. As a consequence, handling works on the cylinders are no longer required. This leads in turn to shorter set-up times.

Общие габаритные размеры

[Translate to en:] Aufstellplan HT 65 1300 TRIPLE TURN / DUOTURN

[Translate to en:] Aufstellplan HT 65 1300 TRIPLE TURN / DUOTURN

[Translate to en:] Aufstellplan HT 65 DUOTURN 1000

[Translate to en:] Aufstellplan HT 65 DUOTURN 1000

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 DUOTURN 1000 VDI30

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 DUOTURN 1000 VDI30

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 DUOTURN 1000 VDI40

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 DUOTURN 1000 VDI40

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 1300 DUOTURN VDI30

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 1300 DUOTURN VDI30

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 DUOTURN 1300 VDI40

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 DUOTURN 1300 VDI40

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT65 DT 1300 BMT55 SW330

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 Triple Turn VDI30

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 Triple Turn VDI30

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 Triple Turn VDI40

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 Triple Turn VDI40

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 DUOTURN 1000 BMT 55P

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum Hyperturn DUOTURN 1000 BMT 55P

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 TRIPLETURN BMT 55P

[Translate to en:] Arbeitsraum HT 65 TRIPLETURN BMT 55P



The optional spin window enables the optimal insight in the working area, also during machining with coolant. Due to its very fast rotating glass plate, the coolant is slung away immediately after impact and the window stays clear.


For economical production of complex turned/milled parts with
mainly milling share, there is optional the BMT-turret with water cooled direct drive.
With max. 12000 rpm, 30 Nm and 10 kW, this turret offers optimal prerequisites
for the complete machining.

Конвейер для готовых деталей

С помощью уловителя деталей готовые детали выкладываются на приемный конвейер. Такт ленты предотвращает чтобы частично комплексные детали падали друг на друга.


Gantry Loader

Universal loading and unloading for preformed blanks and parts.

Using the multiple grippers and handling systems the gantry loader can be customized to your individual needs.

EMCO Загрузочный магазин для коротких прутков LM 1200

Устройство подачи прутков EMCO LM1200 компании EMCO - это оптимальное решение для автоматического подталкивания и дозагрузки разрезанных прутков до максимальной длины прутка 1200 мм. Преимущества: небольшая занимаемая площадь, короткое время загрузки прутков благодаря сокращенному такту. Управление оптимально подобрано к интерфейсу оборудования.

Short-bar loader EMCO SL 1200

The EMCO short-bar loader SL 1200 is the perfect solution for the automatic reloading of pre-cut bars up to 1200 mm.

The adavantage: small footprint and short loading times through shorter strokes.

The control unit is perfectly adapted to the interface of the machine.

Система управление/Програмное обеспечение

Sinumerik ONE with Operate

The Sinumerik ONE is the universal and flexible CNC system. With a wide range of functionality, it is suitable for use in almost all technologies. The Sinumerik ONE sets standards in terms of dynamics, precision and integrability in networks.

With the Sinumerik ONE you rely on:

  • highest performance and flexibility
  • universal openness
  • highly effective personal and machine protection

Sinumerik & EMCONNECT, the digital process assistant
EMCONNECT is included in the standard machine. Switching between emcoNNECT apps and the control system is possible with a single click. All production-relevant data can be displayed in full-screen or sidebar view.

The new SINUMERIK ONE has been specially developed for smart manufacturing.

  • Digital twin is an integral part of the CNC control, virtual and real control merge and complement each other
  • Significant reduction in product development and time-to-market thanks to the digital first strategy
  • Improved networking and data communication capabilities
  • Significant reduction in the duration of real commissioning through virtual preparation for commissioning
  • Significantly increased CNC performance
  • Significantly shorter non-productive times and complete integration into the TIA Portal through the integrated SIMATIC S7-1500F PLC

This means that the SINUMERIK ONE can be seamlessly integrated into digital solutions and workflows.

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EMCONNECT - Digital Process Assistant

For increased productivity and efficiency in production.

EMCONNECT facilitates easy access to digital production – all important information and systems are accessed centrally on the machine. The familiar NC control and hence the familiar operation of the machine remain unchanged.
A clear and compact overview of the machine state, the machine data and the operating mode is available at a glance thanks to the emcoNNECT Dashboard. The hardware basis of the EMCONNECT control centre is a 22“ multi-touch display teamed with an industrial PC and a keyboard including HMI hotkeys for easy and intuitive operation via a user interface optimised for touchscreen use.

Included as standard equipment in the Siemens machine version (Sinumerik ONE).

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Esprit (optional)

The sensational CAM solution for turning and turning/milling. ESPRIT greatly simplifies the programming of complex machining processes and significantly reduces set-up times.

ESPRIT Applications:

  • Complete CNC programming for up to 22-axis turning
  • Turning/milling for single-spindle lathes
  • Turning/milling for multi-carriage turning centers
  • Turning/milling for multi-tasking machine tools including B axis


  • Dry runs in dynamic volume view
  • Shaded in the entire working environment: Machine tool, clamping devices, blank and workpiece
  • Extensive collision detection: Tool, blank, workpiece clamping devices and target/actual workpiece comparison

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EMCO CPS Pilot (optional)
EMCO CPS PILOT is the virtual EMCO machine on the PC. The operator works at an external programming station with an image of the machine in simulated operation. Therefore, NC programs can be planned, programmed, simulated and honed.

Using CPS the result is 100 % production reliability, up to 80 % shorter set-up times and an enormous increase in productivity and operating efficiency.

  • 100 % identical behavior of machine and PC
  • Collision monitoring for clamps, parts, tools, tool holders and machine components
  • Collisions can be completely eliminated before they even happen
  • The machine's productivity is maximized
  • Perfect tuning of both tooling systems
  • Resimulation and optimization of existing NC programs
  • Fewer rejects
  • Ideal for internal machining and operator training courses (no machine downtimes!)
  • Very little training required, as identical with the machine's user interface

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Fanuc 31i-B
ЧПУ - управление 31i-B была разработана для следующего поколения станков высокоэффективной производительности

Благодаря улучшенной функциональности и превосходной эффективности, потенциал возможностей станка в будущем повысится. Линия продуктов включает в себя стандартное ЧПУ- применение до очень высоко комплексных станков и совершено нового применения. Система ЧПУ Fanuc пользуется во всем мире первоклассной репутацией благодаря своей производительности, точности, надежности и удобному управлению, и поэтому очень популярны среди требовательных руководителей и операторов. Более 2,4 миллиона систем управления были проданы во всем мире. Тем самым FANUC является ведущим в мире производителем ЧПУ. Оснащенные системой ЧПУ Fanuc станки более чаще в производстве, обрабатывает большее количество заготовок и требуется меньше энергии.


Некоторые преимущества для еще более продуктивной работы

  • Общая совместимость ко всем предшественникам ЧПУ-систем
  • Требуется минимальное обучение- действующие программы работают без нового программирования
  • Простое программирование деталей с помощью фиксированного цикла и макроса клиента
  • Расширен на простое в использовании MANUAL GUIDE i диалоговое программирование
  • Удобный в использовании графический дисплей для визуальной проверки программы детали
  • Расширенная функция помощи
  • Интерполяция в нанометровом диапазоне для высокого качества поверхности
  • Ethernet-соединение: через ЧПУ экраны оператор может показать в справочнике
  • FTP сервера записанные программы деталей и выбранные файлы загрузить в станок.
  • В качестве альтернативы, данные могут быть загружены с помощью системы перенесения
  • программы деталей через Drag & Drop из удаленного офиса на станок.

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