The EMCOTURN E45: Design to Cost – Cutting-edge European technology at an optimum price

June 2009

C axis, driven tools, powerful digital drives and a fully-equipped Siemens or Fanuc control system. Customers are left wanting for nothing, including a reasonable price. That is what "Design to Cost" means - offering customers the maximum benefit at a minimum cost.

HALLEIN - All components affecting the performance, precision and product life expectancy of the machines are optimized while simultaneously focusing on the essential functions for the customer. That's what "Design to Cost" means. And the EMCOTURN E45 meets this EMCO requirement in full.

The E45 – for manufacturing medium-sized workpieces with top European technology

With a speed of up to 6300 rpm, a main spindle drive power of 13 kW and a tool turret with 12 VDI 30 stations, 6 of which are driven, this compact universal lathe with a bar capacity of 45 mm is ideal for dynamic machining of workpieces such as fittings, plungers, piston rods or connecting shafts.

Uncompromising quality right down to the last detail

The machines are developed and produced exclusively in Central Europe, true to the EMCO’s "Made in the Heart of Europe" commitment, in co-operation with European brand-name manufacturers who meet the highest standards regarding quality, productivity and efficiency.

The technology in detail

Despite its comprehensive equipment, the EMCOTURN E45 takes up very little space: a very solid cast machine base, a thermosymmetric headstock with high-precision spindle bearings, preloaded roller guideways in all axes and a rapid-indexing SAUTER tool turret ensure maximum dynamics and precision. Customers can choose between a Sinumerik 810D and Fanuc 0iTC control system – including dialogue programming with ShopTurn or ManualGuide.

The EMCOTURN E45 is naturally also available with automated features, such as the EMCO COMPACT LOAD or EMCO TOP LOAD for fully automatic loading with bar stock.


Technical details/machine design

Machine base:

The machine base is a grey cast iron welded fabrication, which makes it extremely stiff and gives it good vibration-damping properties. The headstock, slide unit and tailstock are mounted on the machine base. The three-point mounting of the machine base on the machine stand prevents any distortion, ensuring optimal precision at the workpiece. The guideways are all covered and protected by telescopic guard plates, which increase operational safety and service life.

Main spindle:

The high drive power of the spindle, together with optimum torque curves, ensures efficiency during both normal steel machining and high-speed aluminum machining. The main spindle is driven by a V-belt from a three-phase motor. The maximum bar capacity is 45 mm. Cooling fins are fitted to the symmetrical headstock to ensure optimum thermal stability. 


If fitted on the EMCOTURN E45, the tailstock is mounted on a roller slide and can be positioned manually. The workpiece is supported automatically by a hydraulically-operated quill with a stroke of 120 mm. The live center with MK4 shaft is fitted directly in the quill and can be removed with a pressure wedge.

Tool holder:

The tool holder consists of a 12-position VDI 30 axial turret with direction logic, so it always travels the shortest route to the next tool. 6 stations can take driven toolholders. The drive is free of backlash to allow both synchronized tapping, and polygonal turning of wrenches.

C axis / main spindle:

The C axis is part of the basic equipment of the machine and allows the spindle to be positioned with an accuracy of 0.001°. A directly-mounted proximity shaft encoder without a belt drive guarantees accuracy of the C-axis and ensures precise contour milling. In addition, a spindle brake is provided for locking the spindle position when drilling or milling.

Feed drives:

Highly dynamic three-phase drives in all linear axes with preloaded circulating ball spindles ensure high feed forces and accurate repeatable positioning.

Measuring system:

Incremental measuring systems are built into the feed motor in all linear axes. Positional variance in X/Z as per VDI 3441:  0.003/0.003 mm

Clamping device:

The clamping device is a hydraulic hollow clamping system with a bar capacity of up to 45 mm diameter, including programmable clamping stroke monitoring and a direct measuring system. This means that time-consuming tool resetting is replaced by a simple learning procedure in Teach-In mode.


The EMCOTURN E45 is lubricated by an automatic central lubrication system with consumption-optimized pulsed lubrication, thanks to the integrated pressure and quantity monitoring.

Coolant system:

A central coolant supply through the VDI turret interface and tool holder ensures optimal cooling and lubrication of the cutting process. An additional coolant line is fitted for cleaning the clamping device and work area.

Hydraulic system:

The hydraulic system is a high-pressure compact system with a pump and fine filter in the delivery line, with which fine adjustments can be made to the clamping pressure. This is essential for clamping delicate workpieces on the main and counter spindles. Thanks to its compact design, it only occupies a very small space.


The machine casing includes an enclosed housing with a protective door to guard against chips, fitted with end position monitoring on the operator side, and a generously-dimensioned laminated safety glass viewing window. 

Finished parts pick-up device (optional):

A pneumatically-operated pick-up device is used to remove the finished parts from the main or counter spindle. The parts are carefully taken to a finished parts box outside the work area. Max. finished part length: 120 mm; max. diameter: 45 mm; max. weight: 2 kg

Core technical data 





Max. bar capacity [mm[








Max. rotational speed [rpm]


Main spindle


Driven tools



















Max. drive power [kW]


Main spindle


Driven tools



















Max. X/Z travel [mm]




160 / 310




X/Z rapid motion speed [m/min]




20 / 24




Number of tool holders




12 x VDI 30




Number of driven positions









Machine versions:

  • Control system choice: Fanuc or Siemens
  • E45 T: basic version without driven tools or tailstock
  • E45 TC: tailstock version without driven tools
  • E45 TM: basic version with driven tools, without tailstock
  • E45 TCM: tailstock version with driven tools