THE MAXXTURN 65: A proven machine ...

October 2010

The time-tested Maxxturn 65 is now available in a new sheet metal design with a modern look, user-friendly textured finish, and new interpretations of the EMCO colors. However, the machine has not simply had a cosmetic makeover - its ancillary times have also been significantly optimized by increasing rapid speeds and acceleration while reducing tool change times.

The control system has also received an overhaul and now comprises the Siemens Sinumerik 840D-sl.

The state-of-the-art control technology afforded by the Sinumerik 840D-sl and its OPERATE® user interface are apparent from the numerous refinements to the operating interface, which make the machine significantly easier to operate and program. Examples of these improvements include the USB port for data transmission, clear and intuitive controls, animated input aids, extensive technology cycles,
high-performance 3D simulation, and Ethernet as standard. The latest generation of SINAMICS® drive and servo control from Siemens is also included.

The MAXXTURN family comprises five members: the MAXXTURN 25, 45, 65, 95 and 110. While the smaller three high-performance universal lathes with their counter spindle represent the perfect solution for the economic complete machining of barstock and chuck parts, the MAXXTURN 95 and 110 concentrate on the machining of shafts and flange parts. Fitted with a Y axis, driven tools, a high-precision C axis and very high rapid-motion speeds, the MAXXTURN series offers everything the customer desires, to not only manufacture complex machined parts in high quality, but also cost-effectively – true to the EMCO maxim: Design to Cost. 
One of the characteristics which distinguishes the entire MAXXTURN line is that the Y axis is integrated in the body of the machine. This ensures maximum stability, as well as utmost precision of all parts manufactured. The extremely wide distances between the guides make for stable turning and offer the operator additional possibilities for complete machining.
The compact counter spindle is an additional highlight, taking over workpieces position-oriented and with utmost precision for machining the reverse side. This avoids having to clamp workpieces a second time, thereby avoiding wait time, which in turn increases productivity and makes for shorter part delivery periods.
The tool turret with single-motor engineering offers space for 12 VDI30 tool holders. Each station can accept driven tools. A servo motor powers the driven tools and the swivel movement, respectively. The tool holders, equipped with EMCO joggling plates, allow easy tool insertion with repeatable accuracy without the need for time-consuming adjustments.In the course of modular assembly customers can choose between a SIEMENS (incl. ShopTurn dialogue interface) and a FANUC control interface (incl. Manual-Guide-i control interface).

Tailored automation
A swing loader is included for automatic loading and feeding out of the machined parts. This extremely compact and integrated loader is controlled via the machine control. Two linear axes with high feed rates and an additional B axis in the swivel head, guarantee short loading times and fast setup. As a result, preformed raw parts can also be inserted position-oriented into the clamping device. The gantry loader transports the finished workpieces from the machine and places them on an accumulating conveyor.  
EMCO has two different versions of bar loaders on offer for bar work: a classic 3-meter loader (EMCO TOP LOAD 8-65/3300) and the EMCO short bar loader LM1200 for limited floor space. 
Depending on the make, the MAXXTURN 65 forms the basis for efficient machining of precision and machined parts. The range of manufactured workpieces ranges from hydraulic / pneumatic components, to machines as well as engine and automotive parts, all the way to components from the field of biomedical engineering or the fields of materials and bulk material handling. Friction and antifriction bearing parts are just a few more examples of the nearly endless possibilities.