June 2009

Not just training. Real action! The Concept TURN 250  ...

Not just training. Real action! The Concept TURN 250

The Concept TURN 250: a powerful 2 axes CNC turning machine with interchangeable control that offers a large variety of training possibilities for exacting turning and milling productions.


HALLEIN – With the continuous, intensifying competition and increasing requirements with a view to quality, productivity and flexibility the qualification of staff also increases continuously. It is here that the field of training comes into play: EMCO Industrial Training is a modular training concept to prepare staff for the particular production requirements of their company and to train them specifically in this respect.

The major benefit may be described to the point in one sentence – "From industry for industry". As an experienced company offering systems for industry and training, EMCO knows what the factors of success of professional training for modern industrial CNC machines are. The objective is always smooth industrial production which is provided by training on real industrial machines tailored to the demand. The customer will learn how to handle the machine safely and will be able to include the know-how smoothly into his company.

Unique Concept of Interchangeable Control for Industrial Training

A particular highlight of the Concept TURN 250 is the interchangeable control. Due to modern CNC controls the programming becomes simpler, however, also more control-specific know-how is required. Mastering various CNC controls and their "language" is a necessity which becomes more and more important for the individual CNC engineer. To take this into account already in the training phase, the proven EMCOMAT E 25 was also equipped with the interchangeable EMCO WinNC control. The user benefits from the unique concept of interchangeable control by being trained on only one machine in all current industrial controls. The change to another control is carried out by calling up the corresponding software and by simple exchange of the control-specific key module. Thus, presently up to eight different CNC controls can be used on one machine.

Additionally, the 3-D simulation offered by EMCO's Win3D-View goes far beyond the training phase and even the industrial standard. The machining processes and the machine periphery are shown in a close-to-reality manner to represent the machining processes on the screen adequately for training. Once again, the enormous experience and the top rank placed on education and training in the EMCO company is manifested.

Typical users of the Concept TURN 250 are industry-oriented education institutions with production applications, production companies with teaching and training tasks, industrial companies as well as watch and jewellery producers and newcomers in the training field who have high-level claims and motivated CNC engineers who desire ongoing professional education.

Mechanical Engineering without Compromises

To provide adequate training with a view to modern, industrial machining, no compromises were made with a view to mechanical engineering: driven tools for milling, an automatic hollow clamping system with a 24 mm diameter, bar loader for efficient production, and parts collector for safe removal of the workpieces enable an enormous application range in combination with high machining performance which can be compared to machining centers of much larger design.

Thus, training of machining technology, which is gaining more and more importance, is facilitated in addition to CNC programming. This refers particularly to the selection of the correct cutting parameters such as cutting depth, feed and speed under consideration of optimum chip formation and surface. This can be trained, of course, with a large variety of materials, from aluminium to special steel.

Using the Concept TURN 250 with interchangeable control, the user will experience a comprehensive industrial training for modern machining technology.

Similarly, the influence of different cutting materials and geometries is gaining more and more in significance since the numerous companies now offer adequate tools that overburden nearly every CNC beginner and the selection of the correct tool, however, is frequently decisive for the success or lack of success of training. The Concept TURN 250, with its comprehensive technical possibilities, offers the ideal prerequisite to be able to carry out tests and training courses in a sufficient manner. 


Technical Details/The Machine Concept of Concept TURN 250:


All current industrial controls can be trained with the concept of the interchangeable control. The change to another control is carried out by calling the corresponding software and by simple exchange of the control-specific key module within a minute. Presently, up to eight controls can be trained on one machine. Naturally, EMCO is working continuously on new WinNC controls to be able to retrofit Concept machines in the future with modern CNC controls as well.

Mechanical Engineering:

The solid and compact mechanical engineering with inclined base design requires little set-up area and guarantees high precision due to torsion-resistant box-type design. All construction elements are robust and yet designed for saving space.

Drive Technology:

The top modern axis drive system with digital AC servomotors of the newest generation in connection with the pretensioned roller guides provides utmost precision and optimum performance with minimum wear and maximum dynamics.

Driven Tools:

The 12-fold VDI16 tool turret can store up to six driven tools. Thus, drilling, milling and thread-cutting operations are also possible outside of the turning center. Any contours at the front end and at the lateral areas can be produced with the C-axis.

Main Spindle:

The digital Simodrive package for the main spindle provides high speeds as well as a high torque with minimum acceleration times. In the models with integrated C-axis and driven tools a max. synchronous speed of 1000 rpm is achieved. In combination with a strong tool spindle, axial and radial machining operations such as milling and tapping become HighSpeed fun.


Complete automation is possible in the Concept TURN 250 thanks to the proven EMCO automation with its automatic door system, as well as Robotic and DNC accessories. Thus, the machine may be integrated quickly and simply into a CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) or FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System).

Due to the integrated PC with Windows operating system and free Ethernet interfaces, the Concept TURN 250 results in another workplace in the network. Thus, the machine can be transformed into a production cell with robotic charge and discharge and remote control functions (remote distance control) at low cost. Thus, mechatronic specialists can be trained in an ideal way and industrial CIM systems can be used professionally.

Adjusted Courseware:

For didactic support of workshop teaching, multimedial, machine and control-specific WinTutorials were developed. Thus, with interactive model workpieces all turning workpieces of a fully operating 4-cycle motor can be produced on the Concept TURN 250. The CNC training becomes thrilling and efficient with close-to-reality functional models and the motivation of the trainees to "produce something real" increases.

That is the target of EMCO Industrial Training: Training for the successful industrial CNC production.

Technical Core Data:

Concept TURN 250

Max. bar capacity [mm]


Max. speed [rpm]

Main spindle


Driven tools





Max. drive power [kW]

Main spindle / Driven tools

5.5 / 1,2


Max. travel in X/Z [mm]

100 / 300

Rapid speed X/Z [m/min]

15 / 15

Number of tool adapters

12 x VDI16

Number of driven positions


Pneumatic hollow clamping cylinder

Automatic clamping device for bar-type material

Pneumatic tailstock

Support during machining of long turning workpieces

Available WinNC controls:

Siemens 840D / 820 / 810,

GE Fanuc Series 21, GE Fanuc Series 0,

Fagor 8055,




Features and Options Concept TURN 250 – Variant TCM:


-                 C-axis for main spindle


-                 Driven tools


-                 Integrated PC with 12" flat display


-                 Pneumatic hollow clamping cylinder


-                 Pneumatic tailstock


-                 Central lubrication


-                 Fully enclosed working area


-         Machine lamp


-                 Coolant device


-                 Electrical handwheel


-                 Chip conveyor


-                 Bar loader


-                 Workpiece collector


-                 Robot and DNC interface


-                 Safety equipment in compliance with CE regulations


Machine versions:


<s>·       </s>Concept TURN 250 B “Basic”: Basic version<s>



·       Concept TURN 250 T “Turn” with hollow clamping device


·       Concept TURN 250 TC “Turn Center” with hollow clamping device and tailstock


·       Concept TURN 250 TM “Turn Mill” with driven tools and hollow clamping device


·       Concept TURN 250 TCM “Turn Center Mill” with driven tools, tailstock and hollow clamping device