HYPERTURN 645/665 MCplus - Outstanding Performance, again and again

June 2009

Highly-productive complete machining now enters a new dimension with the HYPERTURN series: Highly dynamic, water-cooled spindle motors, Y axis, B axis and the latest control and drive technology contribute considerably to increase productivity.

HALLEIN   –   The HYPERTURN series was conceived to gain considerable increases in productivity during series production. Complex as well as costly milling and drilling and even gear cutting operations can be carried out in only one work process. Additional clampings and the temporary storage of parts are no longer necessary and workpiece precision is greatly improved. Total production time, fixture and personnel costs, as well as floor space requirements can be drastically reduced by choosing to work with the HYPERTURN. By expanding the HYPERTURN series with the new EMCO CPS Pilot customers can now save even more costs while machining, since by using this software they are able to virtually plan, program, simulate and optimize the entire production on a computer running a 3D image of the machine. There are a number of extremely positive multiplier effects as a result of combining the HYPERTURN with the new EMCO CPS Pilot: costs and effort can be extremely reduced (see EMCO CPS Pilot press release), due to the perfect interaction between the CPS Pilot and the HYPERTURN.

EMCO’s typical modular assembly, in combination with the substantial modular system, allows customizing the HYPERTURN 645/665 MCplus to the individual demands of the customer. Moreover, with the help of the two versions of the B axis (QuickMill – PowerMill) it has been possible to once again increase the economic efficiency of the production significantly. In the QuickMill version, the upper turret is equipped with a B axis which allows the upper turret to swivel to any position within a 45º arc, thus continuously supporting the lower tool system. In addition, it is characterized by extremely short tool-change times (0.2 seconds).

An even much higher milling performance can be achieved with the PowerMill: here a milling spindle with hollow-shaft motor replaces the top turret. The PowerMill is provided with a 24-tool or 28-tool magazine with Capto-C4-adapters. The result: an unbeatable and complete synthesis of turning and milling technology. This machine version is especially suitable for complete machining complex workpieces that require extensive milling due to its high degree of flexibility and high metal-cutting capacity.

The HYPERTURN 665 MCPlus is particularly interesting for the serial production of workpieces, for example in the automotive industry, the fields of mechanical engineering and materials handling, but also for the aircraft industry.

EMCO continues to live up to its reputation as an innovator and technology leader and by doing so is keeping its promise to continuously develop, improve and expand its product range. With the expansion of the successful HYPERTURN product line, by means of the EMCO CPS Pilot (Crash-Prevention-System Pilot), the pioneering mechanical engineering company from Hallein has once again showcased their great understanding concerning the high demands of industrial production.

Technical details/ Concept of the HYPERTURN:

Mechanical engineering:

The machine base is the core of the machine. The extremely rigid and compact welded-steel construction is filled with HYDROPOL®, an extremely high-quality and vibration-damping material made of special concrete and steel. Reinforcing materials provide additional rigidity in zones that are subject to intense stress. The high drive power of the main, counter or milling spindle can thus be fully converted without any limitations. The result: improved surface quality, more precise manufacturing tolerances, and longer tool life.

Main spindle and drive technology:

The high drive power of the spindles, combined with optimal torque curve, ensures economic efficiency in cutting steel, as well as high-speed cutting of aluminum. Highly dynamic Integrated Spindle Motors (ISM), mounted with large precision bearings, allow for a wide range of speeds with exceptional running truth. A symmetrical headstock, in combination with temperature sensors at the bearings and integrated liquid cooling, ensures thermostability.

All linear movements take place in preloaded, highly precise roller slides. This results in significant advantages concerning feed rates, zero backlash, service life, lubricant consumption and positioning accuracy.

Thanks to the unique sealing system at the guide shoe working in extremely dirty environments no longer poses any problem. As an additional safeguard cover plate strips made of spring steel are clipped onto the guide rails to attain a closed sealing surface.

C axis:

Technically speaking every spindle is also an axis. It can be brought into any position and positioned with defined feed motion, making it easy to produce complex contours at the periphery or front surface. The software required to program these movements (cylinder interpolation and/or transmit) is already included in the delivery. Synchronized thread cutting and polygonal turning are part of the machine’s basic equipment.

Y axis:

The Y axis was realized by two interpolating axes. That results in a distribution of the cutting force in two levels and adds stability to heavy-duty turning and milling. Its travel of +/- 50 mm permits complex milling operations.

B axis “QuickMill” version:

Now, for the first time the B axis ”QuickMill” version permits machining slanted bores, areas etc. without the employment of special holders. Due to the interpolation with other linear axes the possibilities are almost endless. Very short tool-change times (0.14 sec) and the use of the standardized VDI tool holder result in high economic efficiency.

B axis “PowerMill” version:

The B axis “PowerMill” version includes a powerful milling spindle with a 24-tool and 48-tool magazine. In combination with the lower 12-tool turret it is therefore possible to precisely manufacture complex machined parts.


In the tailstock version the HYPERTURN is particularly suited for mass machining shaft parts. The tailstock is completely NC controlled and can be positioned using a recirculating ball spindle. This enables the movement interpolating with other axes, saving machining time.

Tool holder:

The HYPERTURN 665 MC Plus comes equipped with two tool systems – one each on the top and bottom. The tool system on top is fitted with a 12-station turret with 12 driven tools. The lower tool system is equipped with a VDI quick-change system with an EMCO adjustment plate. EMCO's tool alignment system optimizes the VDI quick-change system. Alignment is no longer required. Short switching times accelerate processes. All tool holders are fitted with an internal coolant supply. This prolongs tool life and improves chip removal.

Work area:

The work area offers superb ergonomics, which results in very good accessibility to the individual components. Generously designed free space provides for an optimum chip flow even when machining critical materials. All guides are covered with sheets made of Niro to prevent damages.

Machine enclosure:

The machine enclosure of the HYPERTURN 665 MC Plus offers a comprehensive protection against flying chips and offers 100% coolant retention. A large safety glass window in the door permits an unobstructed view into the work area. Built-in buttons improve the ease of use of the machine.

Flexible automation systems:

The HYPERTURN offers an entire range of automation possibilities to facilitate efficient production e.g.: automatic bar loading, counter spindle unloading for long parts and a loading gantry. In addition, it is possible to cut back on personnel due to the integrated monitoring system.

Control unit:

Thanks to the SINUMERIK 840D, the HYPERTURN is equipped with one of the most advanced controls on the market. The drive and control package, which is entirely digital, is able to handle up to 10 channels and 31 axes. Technology cycles simplify both turning, as well as milling operations. By the means of coordinate transformations (TRANS, RED, SCALE, MIRROR), any number of machining processes can be realized in the space. Complex machining requirements can therefore be realized quickly and efficiently. The superior quality of the Sinumerik 840D is reflected in the high precision of each workpiece.

In order to operate the HYPERTURN in an ergonomic manner the swivel control has been placed on the left side of the HYPERTURN. Conversion times are shortened. The full alphanumeric keyboard makes programming easier.

Technical Data:


645 MC plus

665 MC plus

Max. bar capacity [mm]

Æ 45

Æ 65 (optional: Æ 76)

Max. speed [rpm]

Main spindle

Counter spindle

Driven tools





5000 (optional: 4000)




Max. drive power [kW]

Main spindle / counter spindle

22 / 22


29 / 22


Max. travel [mm]

With and without B-PowerMill X/X2

With and without B-QuickMill Z/Z2

280 / 205 and/or 400 / 205

750 / 750 and/or 900 / 750


Rapid speed X/Y/Z [m/min]

24 / 10 / 30

Number of tool adapters

2 x 12-tool VDI30 (optional: VDI40)

Number of tool positions

2 x 12



· HT 645 MC plus (TC): with counter spindle, without driven tools

· HT 645 MC plus (TCM): with counter spindle, driven tools

· HT 645 MC plus (Y): with counter spindle, driven tools and Y axis

· HT 645 MC plus (QuickMill): with counter spindle, driven tools and with Y-B axis

· HT 665 MC plus (TC): with counter spindle, without driven tools

· HT 665 MC plus (TCM): with counter spindle, driven tools

· HT 665 MC plus (Y): with counter spindle, driven tools and Y axis

· HT 665 MC plus (QuickMill): with counter spindle, driven tools and with Y-B axis

· HT 665 MC plus (PowerMill): with counter spindle, driven tools and with Y-B axis