Emcomat E-360

Emcomat E-360
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Emcomat E-360


Various manual and automatic tool turret systems
Fully covered work area with sliding machine doors
Teach-In control Fagor 8055 T
Siemens drive package with AC motors
Machine stand with large coolant tank and chip basin Carriage drives


  • ZF gears with two steps High class

    Siemens drive systems

    Circulating ball screws free of play for quiet running and high precision

    Robust, cast-iron machine bed with strong ribbings

    Various machine lengths

    Optimal accessibility of the work area

Overall dimensions/Work space

Aufstellplan EMCOMAT E-480

Die EMCOMAT E-480 ist in den Spitzenweiten 1500 mm, 2000 mm, 3000 mm, 4000 mm, 5000 mm und 6000 mm erhältlich.

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  • Hydraulic/pneumatic components

    Motor and vehicle parts

    Engineering parts

    Floating and roller bearings

    Materials handling

    Fixing systems

    And others more


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Abmessungen EMCOMAT E-480



Die unterschiedlichen Maschinenversionen können mit einem auf die jeweilige Spitzenweite abgestimmten Späneförderer ausgerüstet werden.

Automatische Pinole

Die automatische Pinole wird hydraulisch betätigt.

Verschiedene Spannmittel

Für die unterschiedlichen Bearbeitungen steht eine Reihe von Spannmitteln zur Auswahl.


Zur Bearbeitung langer Werkstücke stehen unterstützend – zusätzlich zum Reitstock – verschiedene Lünetten zur Auswahl.


FAGOR 8055 i Power T
The FAGOR 8055 CNC offers optimal support for both methods of programming.

ISO code language for production machining, and intuitively programmable for individual parts and limited production runs thanks to predefined cycles. The user and operator has the advantage of being able to quickly implement their experience and knowledge.

Teach in control system Fagor 8055 T incl. the Control package for the X and Z axes with circulating ball screws and the Sinumerik 611 drive system (AC-motors)

Teach in control System Fagor 8055 T incl. the control packages for the X and Z axes with circulating ball screws and SERCOS-Interface as well as digital drives Fagor AXD / SPD).

The Possiblities:

  • The execution of the various thread types
  • Thread repair cycle
  • ISO programming
  • Cycle programming
  • Constant cutting speed, including manual processing
  • Tool storage for 99 tools
  • Automatic programming
  • 3D-graphic simulation
  • 1,5 GB programm memory, RS-232 interface and USB-port
  • 10,4“ TFT color screen

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Sinumerik 840D sl
Easy to use, specially designed for cycle-controlled lathes,

easily understandable input masks and parameter input - dialogueorientated and practical in applications, the Siemens Sinumerik 840D offers comprehensive functions for tool machines. The Sinumerik 840D sl provides

  • High performance and flexibility
  • The efficient Contour calculator can be used to programm complex profiles
  • The integrated graphic simulation enables the simulation and verification of the part programms
  • Free contourprogramm
  • Turning- and milling cycle for complex contours
  • Fast settings of the reference point
  • Fast processing with the Set-up-machine
  • 3D graphic simulation
  • 1 GB Programm memory, USB-port
  • 12,1“ TFT color screen

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