Emcomill 750

Emcomill 750

Emcomill 750


High-performance milling spindles
30 x tool magazine (opt. 40 or 60)
Quick release with double gripper
On request rotary table as 4th axis
Heidenhain, Siemens or Fanuc control

Technical data

Work area
Travel in X/Y/Z 750 + 50 / 610/ 500 mm
Distance spindle nose 175 / 675 mm
Number of axes (basic machine) 3 (up to 4 optionally)
Rapid motion speeds in X/Y/Z 30 m/min
Work feed X/Y/Z 30 m/min
Clamping area 900 x 650 mm
Max. table load 800 kg
Tool change
Number of tool stations 30 (40, 60)
Max. tool diameter 80 mm
Milling spindle
Max. speed Mechanical spindle 12.000 rpm, Motor spindle 15.000 rpm
Max. torque Mechanical spindle (S6) 100 Nm, Motor spindle (S6) 100 Nm
General data
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2770 x 3350 x 3060 mm
Machine weight 7500 kg


  • High-performance milling spindles

  • Flexible tool system

  • Solid fixed table for workpiece weights up to 800 kg

  • Cutting-edge control technology from Heidenhain, Siemens or Fanuc

  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio

  • Best European quality – Made in the Heart of Europe


The new EMCOMILL 1200 and EMCOMILL 750 series is designed as a moving column milling machine. The machine bed is made in welded steel, optimised by FEM analysis. The X-, Y- and Z-slides are made in cast iron.

Ball Screws

Grease-lubricated (central) ball screws and linear roller guides (45 mm in the X- and Y-axes; 35 mm in the Z-axis) offer high resistance against mechanical stress and a high, zero-vibration traverse speed. On the picture, machine equipped with linear scales (option).

Tool Magazine

The tool magazine has 30 stations (40/60 as option). The tool management with random tool selection uses a double-gripper that allows to make a pre-search of the tool during the machining cycle. Alternatively it is possible to utilise the tool magazine with a fixed place for big-dimensioned tools, leaving the two adjacent stations free.

Overall dimensions/Work space

Installation plan EMCOMILL 750

Installation plan EMCOMILL 750



  • General engineering

Pump housing

Pump housing made of aluminium

Bearing housing (Steel)

Bearing housing (Steel)

Sliding carriage mount (Steel)

Sliding carriage mount (Steel)


Tool magazine with 60 tool stations

Tool changes are effected with a double changing arm with "random" tool selection. The drum type magazine with 30 tool stations can be extended to 40 or 60 positions.

High pressure coolant pump

A swivel guide with a coolant pump with 20, 25 or 60 bar cools spindle and tools.

Rotary table

As 4th axis a rotary table with 200 mm diameter can be mounted on customer's request. The rotary table travels CNC controlled and can interpolate with any linear axis (X, Y, Z). For maximum precision in the parts production.

Automatic workpiece measuring

The workpieces are automatically measured by an infrared measuring probe that is mounted on the main spindle. Measuring cycles take over the values.


“Easy2control” adds a range of attractive applications to the successful interchangeable control system used in EMCO training machines. Suitable for use in machines and simulation workplaces alike, it displays additional control elements directly on the screen and, when used together with a touchscreen monitor, provides the ideal input interface. With support for a wide range of keyboard variants, customer-specific screen layouts and tailored solutions for individual customers, Easy2control represents a promising and highly flexible extension to the modular EMCO training concept.
The interchangeable controls are represented using an on-screen keyboard, which makes switching between different control systems even easier and quicker.


Portable Machine Operating panel to operate the machine via hardware, includes axis buttons, feed override switch, mode switch etc. together with EMCO Easy2control.


EMCO CPS PILOT - Hyperturn 665 (optional)
EMCO CPS PILOT is the virtual EMCO HYPERTURN on the PC. The operator works at an external programming station with an image of the machine in simulated operation. Therefore, NC programs can be planned, programmed, simulated and honed. The result is 100% production reliability, up to 80 % shorter set-up times and an enormous increase in productivity and operating efficiency.

  • 100 % identical behavior of machine and PC
  • Collision monitoring for clamps, parts, tools, tool holders and machine components
  • Collisions can be completely eliminated before they even happen
  • The machine's productivity is maximized
  • Perfect tuning of both tooling systems in the HYPERTURN
  • Resimulation and optimization of existing NC programs
  • Fewer rejects
  • Ideal for internal machining and operator training courses (no machine downtimes!
  • Very little training required, as identical with the machine's user interface

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Heidenhain TNC 620

The latest control offers milling operations, a 19'' TFT colour display and 3D-reproduction and programming graphics.
It is particularly suitable for Mill, HSC- and 5 axis operations at machines up to 6 axes.

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Sinumerik 828D - incl. ShopMill

SINUMERIK 828D: High performance CNC control for ultimate accuracy and machining speed SINUMERIK 828D and SINAMICS drive and motors are perfectly tailored for state of the art milling machines. Powerful CNC-functions combined with a unique 80bit NANOFP Accuracy (80 bit floating point accuracy from the position control to the internal encoder resolution) enable highest work-piece accuracy at a minimum of machining time. With a flexible CNC programming language and the state of the art ShopMill machining step programming, single parts as well as large batch series can be programmed and machined with maximum effectiveness. Due to Advanced Surface, an innovative method of velocity and path control, SINUMERIK 828D also meets the demands of high sophisticated mold & die applications. Source picture and text: Siemens

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Fanuc 0i MF

Highest quality and reliability state-of-the-art: Improvements in technology, ergonomics and user friendliness assure efficient result in terms of machining workpieces. Technology specific programming of machining cycles with support of pictures and texts and Manual Guide i including 3D workpiece simulation.


  • High reliability
  • Dialog-supported programming
  • 3D machining simulation
  • Integrated safety technology
  • Fast program conversion

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ESPRIT - EMCOMILL 750/1200 (optional)
Keep your production under full control - with program synchronization, dynamic simulation and the precise collision detection offered by ESPRIT. Use ESPRIT to unlock the full potential of your production centers. Experience dramatic reductions in cycle and set-up times and make programming times at the machines a thing of the past.


  • Full programming for conventional 3-axis machining through to 5-axis interpolation
  • Full CNC programming of 2 - 5 axes
  • Full synchronization and verification
  • Comprehensive multitasked processing
  • Flexible B-axis programming
  • 5-axis simultaneous machining of the workpiece


  • Dry runs in dynamic volume view
  • Entire machine space as a dynamic, solid-shaded graphic
  • Collision detection for tools, tool adapters, blanks, and clamping devices
  • Real-time simulation
  • Target/actual workpiece comparison

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