Gantry Milling Machine Powermill

Gantry Milling Machine Powermill
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Gantry Milling Machine Powermill

Universal Machining Centre for medium/large parts


Box-in-box structure for high precision
Utmost flexible use: from aerospace to general engineering
Universal machining centre for the efficient machining of bulky and heavy workpieces
Made in the Heart of Europe

Technical data

Work area
Travel in X/Y/Z 6000 and over/4000-5000-6000-7000/1500-2000
Axes feed rate 30 m/min


  • The massive structure of the gantry milling machine combined with agility allows flexible use
  • Universal Machining centre in simple design makes an easy positioning, set up and clamping of the workpiece possible
  • Several options and systems: automatic head changer, double CNC platform, 120-pocket tool changer, tool cooling system, etc.

Overall dimensions/Work space


Application Cases


Heidenhain iTNC530 for Mecof

For 30 years, HEIDENHAIN conversational programming has been the standard programming language for all TNC controls and for shop-floor programming in general. The smarT.NC intuitive and self-explanatory
operating mode uses straightforward input forms to guide you through the complete NC programming process all the way to the actual machining. There’s no need to learn G functions or any special programming languages. The control “speaks” with you using easily understandable questions and prompts.

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Siemens 840D sl for Mecof

The NC Siemens 840D Solution Line allows the optimization of the control and drivers parameters to get the highest performances during the high speed machining.

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