Machining Center MMV 2000

Machining Center MMV 2000
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Machining Center MMV 2000


Machining Center with motor spindle 15000 rpm – 46 kW (S1/S6), 125/170 Nm (S1/S6)
Roller guide ways
Direct driven ball screws with rapid feeds up to 50 m/min
Tool magazine with 40 tool stations as standard but flexible configuration of tool magazine systems available
CNC Machining Center with Heidenhain or Siemens control
EMCONNECT – Digital Process Assistant (Siemens 840D sl)

Technical data

Work area
Travel in X/Y/Z 2000 / 800 / 750 mm
Distance spindle nose 0 / 750 mm
Number of axes (basic machine) 3 (4, 5 optionally)
Rapid motion speeds in X/Y/Z 50 / 50 / 50 m/min
Clamping area 2400 x 950 mm
Max. table load 2200 kg
Tool change
Number of tool stations 30
Max. tool diameter 75 (125) mm
Milling spindle
Max. speed 15.000 rpm
Max. torque 125 (S1) / 170 (S1) Nm
General data
Dimensions (LxWxH) 6144 x 4267 x 3160
Machine weight 22000 kg


  • Flexible modular design
  • Available as 3-, 4- or 5-axis version
  • CNC Machining Center High-performance motor spindle
  • Rigid linear way system size 55 (X-axis)
  • Direct driven ball screws on the X and Z-axis, quiet operation
  • Machining Center Rotary table and B-axis with torque motors
  • Pneumatic weight balance, highly dynamic
  • SIEMENS 840D sl
  • EMCONNECT for Siemens 840D sl

Overall dimensions/Work space

Aufstellplan, Arbeitsraum MMV 2000

Aufstellplan, Arbeitsraum MMV 2000


Application areas


  • General engineering
  • Aircraft engineering
  • Drilling and milling operations


Strukturteil (Aluminium)

Befestigungsteil Elektrik i. Flugzeug

Befestigungsteil (Aluminium)


Antriebsverbindung (Aluminium)


3-Achs-Version MMV 2000

3-Achs-Version mit Motorspindel 15.000 U/min Siemens 840D sl oder Heidenhain TNC 640 Steuerung



Lineare Positionsmessung mittels Glasmaßstab in der X-Achse standard (Y-, Z-Achse optional): zur Eliminierung von Wärmegang und zur Erhöhung der Maschinengenauigkeiten.


Werkstückvermessung zum Vermessen des Werkstücks in der Maschine.

Drehdurchführung durch den Rundtisch

Drehdurchführung durch den Rundtisch zum Anschließen eines hydraulisch betätigten Spannmittel.


Über eine Drehführung mit einer 15-bar-Hochdruckpumpe werden Spindel und Werkzeuge mit Kühlmittel versorgt.

Laser device for presetting, breakage check and profile measuring tools

A light barrier mounted on machine table scans the tool edges and automatically takes over the values into the tool offset memory for further processing.


Heidenhain TNC 640
TNC 640 Heidenhain offers besides the milling operations also combined milling and turning operations. It is particularly suitable for Mill-Turn, HSC- and 5 axis operations at machines upto 18 axes.


  • 19'' TFT colour display
  • Optimised user interface
  • Interactive fast choice of functions
  • Numerous machining cycles
  • Innovative graphic simulation
  • Improved motion control and short block processing time

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Sinumerik 840D sl incl. ShopMill

The Sinumerik 840D sl is a universal and flexible CNC system. The Sinumerik 840D sl offers a wide range of functions. It is ideally suited for applications using the most diverse technologies. The Sinumerik 840D sl sets new standards with regard to dynamics, precision and ease of integration into networks.

  • When you are programming away from the machine, the TNC 620 automatically takes the machine geometry into account
  • Tilting the working plane
  • Cylindrical surface machining
  • 3-D tool compensation
  • Fast execution through short block processing times

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Heidenhain CNC Pilot 640
Thanks to its flexible design and numerous programming features, the CNC PILOT 640 always gives you optimum support. Regardless of whether you are manufacturing single parts or batches, simple or complex workpieces. The CNC PILOT 640 is characterized by its simple operation and programming. It is quickly learned and requires minimum training time.

Advantages of the control with smart.TURN function include very easy programmability and thus an extremely short time from the idea to the finished component.
Easy completion of forms, default settings for globally valid values, selection options such as high-performance graphic support and simulation guarantee quick and straightforward operation. The redesigned smart.TURN user interface is based on the tried and tested HEIDENHAIN-DIN PLUS, because smart.TURN generates DIN PLUS programmes.  Thus, both the NC programmer and machine operator are provided with all important details while the programme is running. 
EMCO now offers their EMCOTURN E45 and EMCOTURN E65 turning machines with Heidenhain's CNC Pilot 640 control. 

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