Universal Machining Centre Ecomill Plus

Universal Machining Centre Ecomill Plus

Universal Machining Centre Ecomill Plus

 Universal Machining Centre with floor-type moving column


Universal Machining Centre with Ram and column in box-in-box design
Balancing ram asset Mecof patented system
Motor spindle option: 40 kW / 1200 Nm (S1)
Heidenhain and Siemens numerical control

Technical data

Work area
Travel in X/Y/Z X axis 6000 mm and more, Y axis 1600 mm, Z axis 3000 mm
Axes feed rate 30 m/min
Number of axes (basic machine) 3+2, 5
Max. table load 15 t/m²


  • High dynamics and precision thanks to milling heads with torque motors

  • Universal Machining Centre ready for Industry 4.0

  • 15 ° undercut on the universal milling head with high-speed spindle

  • Direct drive technology on all milling heads and a wide range of applicable heads with high-speed spindle

  • Automatic tool changer installed on the column up to 120 pockets or automatic tower tool changer up to 203 pockets

  • Machine configuration according to customer’s requirement

Box-in-box structure

Box in Box Struktur

Direct drive

Direkte Kraftübertragung, hohe Zuverlässigkeit und Lebensdauer

Automatic Head Changer

Automatischer Fräskopfwechsler,Kontinuierliche 5-Achsbearbeitung,

Overall dimensions/Work space

Aufstellmaße Mastermill

X-travel (mm)
A (mm)
Y-travel (mm)
B (mm)
Z-travel (mm)
C (mm)

Maschinenlayout 2



Application Cases

Milling heads

Universal milling head with automatic millesimal positioning

  • 6000 rpm
  • 38 kW (S1)
  • 1000 Nm (S1)

Power diagram

Leistungsdiagramm zu Universalfräskop mit automatischer Positionierung auf ein Tausendstel Grad

Full 5-axis universal milling head

  • 6000 rpm
  • 38 kW (S1)
  • 750 Nm (S1)

Power diagram

Leistungsdiagramm zu kontinuierlichem 5-Achsen-Universalfräskopf

Milling head with offset spindle

  • 3000 rpm
  • 38 kW (S1)
  • 2000 Nm (S1)

Power diagram

Full 5-axis fork type milling head with high-speed spindle

  • 24000 rpm
  • 42 kW (S1)
  • 120 Nm (S1)

Power diagram

Power Diagram for Full 5-Axis fork type milling head with high speed spindle


Motorized operator platform

Motorized operator platform - vertical and horizontal movements possible


Sinumerik 828D - incl. ShopTurn

High performance CNC control for ultimate accuracy and machining speed. SINUMERIK 828D and SINAMICS drive and motors are perfectly tailored for state of the art turning machines. Powerful CNC-functions combined with a unique 80bit NANOFP Accuracy (80 bit floating point accuracy from the position control to the internal encoder resolution) enable highest work-piece accuracy at a minimum of machining time. With a flexible CNC programming language and the state of the art ShopTurn machining step programming, single parts as well as large batch series can be programmed and machined with maximum effectiveness. Due to powerful kinematic transformations and a large set of technological cycles, SINUMERIK 828D also meets the demands of high sophisticated machine applications with driven tools and sub-spindle. Source picture and text: Siemens

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Siemens 840D sl for Mecof

The NC Siemens 840D Solution Line allows the optimization of the control and drivers parameters to get the highest performances during the high speed machining.

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Heidenhain TNC 640 HSCI

The Heidenhain control unit is designed to simplify programming in the shop floor, providing an interactive programming environment, where the operator communicates with the control system through clear and easily comprehensible language.

The Heidenhain control unit is compatible with DIN/ISO programming standards.

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