September 2018

Generation 3 HYPERTURN 45: a redesign for more space ...

Generation 3 HYPERTURN 45: a redesign for more space and flexibility

The machine base and the slide geometry of the HYPERTURN 45 have been redesigned to enlarge the working space and accommodate a wider turret clearance to allow the integration of a 16-station tool turret and a larger Y-axis stroke of +/- 40mm. The machine remains compact, and the 72° slant bed perfectly supports the ergonomic requirements and optimal chip flow.

As the entry-level to the Hyperturn series, the new HYPERTURN 45|G3 is impressive with its increased spindle distance of 760 mm for collision-free processing with two turrets. The expanded working space offers sufficient room for the integration of BMT turrets in 12x or 16x versions. With its precision interface for fast tool changeover and direct drive for high power milling of complex workpieces, it is an excellent choice. The water-cooled direct drive has 8 kW of power; it drills and mills at up to 12,000 rpm and offers 20 Nm of torque. The stable BMT interface ensures that tools have a long service life. Overall, it gives the user more possibilities in terms of workpiece processing or increasing productivity.
Machine design
The heart of the machine is the 72° slant bed.  With its extremely rigid and compact construction made of welded steel, it forms the base for a robust and precise lathe. Reinforcements provide additional rigidity in zones which are subjected to extra stress. The use of steel instead of cast iron makes for better rigidity and thermal behaviour in the warm-up phase. All guides are implemented as pre-loaded roller guides. They are screwed onto precisely-machined support surfaces and shielded from contamination with covering clips made of spring steel. In the working space, fixed covers made of stainless steel increase operational safety and service life.

Main spindle/counter spindle: The high drive power of the spindles, combined with optimal torque, ensures operational productivity when cutting steel and cutting aluminium at high speed. Integrated spindle motors (ISMs), equipped with large high- precision bearings make it possible to achieve exceptionally high rotation speeds, coupled with extremely good true running characteristics. Symmetrically-designed spindle stocks combined with temperature sensors on the bearing points and liquid cooling ensure high thermal stability.
In the HYPERTURN 45IG3, the counter spindle is mounted on its own linear roller slide and can travel over a distance of 520 mm. A parts ejector with stroke monitoring and cooling ensures the finished parts are safely placed on a conveyor. On request, the clamping cylinder without through-hole can be replaced by a hollow clamping cylinder with a 45 mm diameter through-hole for removing long slender parts through the counter spindle.
 With the latest drive and control system from Siemens, the Sinumerik 840D sl with emcoNNECT or the Fanuc 31 iB, the machine can be programmed easily and efficiently. The fold-out PC keyboard provides an added ergonomic feature, especially when programming is frequently done directly on the machine.
Digital process assistant for machine and process control
emcoNNECT stands for connectivity and networking in the production environment.
It is a digital process assistant for the complete integration of customer and system-specific applications in the world of machine and process control. Users and their requirements are the central focus of each operating step: this allows operating procedures to be structured more efficiently while conserving the familiar, highly reliable performance of the machines in all operating modes.
The hardware basis for emcoNNECT is formed by a 22" industrial touch control panel and an industrial PC (IPC). Thanks to easy and quick updating and configuration, emcoNNECT is perfectly prepared for future requirements.
The range of available apps is continuously being expanded.  As of now, for example, you may download our Shopfloor Data app as an option for the collection of machine and operating data.  It ensures comprehensive monitoring of all machines as well as process organisation in the production area.  This product is characterised especially by machine and manufacture independence and mobile access to the machine state using a smartphone or tablet PC. In order to minimise machine downtimes, we are currently developing an app for targeted preventive maintenance – Guardian.
emcoNNECT is a standard feature of all machines equipped with Siemens 840D sl control.  Upon completion of the ongoing developments for HEIDENHAIN 640 and FANUC 31i, emcoNNECT will be available on all control platforms.
Automation: Individual automation
The powerful EMCO gantry loader provides fully automated loading and unloading of goods. Designed as a compact unit, the machine and the gantry loader offers smooth operation and very short load times. Control is performed through the machine controls. For the production of workpieces from bars, a short-bar loader and a 3m bar loader are available. With additional equipment such as a measurement station, signing station, cleaning containers or mounting structures, production process times can be shortened enormously. For example, rejected parts are sorted out by a measurement probe and a measurement device equipped with an integrated parts disposal system. Blank-specific palette accessories allow blanks to be loaded in the machine with the correct orientation and thus increase the flow of parts in low-labour production. Changeover times are reduced or completely eliminated by optimal adaptation to customer parts. A particular feature of the EMCO gantry loader is the B axis, integrated as a swivel unit. It allows slanted insertion of blanks into fixtures as well as simultaneously pivoting with the travel movement.
This not only gives unlimited flexibility when loading and unloading but also drastically reduced cycle times. Complete measurement of finished part and the processing and feedback of measurement values to the machine controller is handled by the SPC system (statistical process control).
For pre-formed blanks and parts with diameters larger than the spindle through-hole, EMCO offers an integrated and compact automation solution: a swing loader for fully automatic loading and unloading. This was designed together with the machine as a single unit, and is characterised by very short load times, trouble-free operation and a wide range of personalisation options. Control is performed through the machine controls.  A swivel and linear movement driven by servo motors allows setup to be performed quickly and easily. Pre-formed blanks can be placed in the clamping device in the correct orientation.
After the finishing process, the finished parts are transported out of the machine and stored. For customer-specific personalisation, customers have a wide range of gripping and handling systems at their disposal. Specific feeding systems for blanks enable the preformed workpieces to be loaded with the correct orientation in the main spindle for low-labour production.
For bar processing EMCO offers two different loaders, a classic 3-meter loader (EMCO TOP LOAD 8-42) and the EMCO short-bar loader SL2100 for limited storage surfaces.

"Made in the Heart of Europe", this is a commitment from EMCO which naturally also applies to the HYPERTURN 45|G3. The development and production of the machines is done exclusively in central Europe, in cooperation with recognized European manufacturers who meet the highest standards of quality, productivity and operating efficiency.
The attraction of the HYPERTURN 45|G3 is its enormous flexibility, which makes it suitable for a huge variety of production requirements in very many different branches of industry whether it be the machine tool industry in general, for jobshoppers, automotive suppliers, who mainly manufacture large volumes, or precision trades like dental technology and jewellery manufacture.