November 2017

HYPERTURN 100 Powermill – High Flexibility in Complex ...

HYPERTURN 100 Powermill – High Flexibility in Complex Complete Machining

Modular design for increased power and more possibilities: with a spindle distance of no more than 3,300 mm, a powerful main spindle and counter-spindle, a new drive concept, a B-axis with direct drive for complex simultaneous 5-axis machining and an additional lower turret system, the new Hyperturn 100 Powermill is the systematic further development of the tried and tested HYPERTURN POWERMILL series. It stands for precision, flexibility and productivity when it comes to the machining of large, complex workpieces in one setup.

The new Hyperturn 100 Powermill is a high-performance turning and milling centre in modular design.  Its performance profile is ideally suited for the complete machining of large workpieces in one setup.  A powerful multitasking centre for the machining of complex workpieces, the Hyperturn 100 is able to process complex workpieces with a maximum turning diameter of 720 mm and a maximum turning length of 3100 mm between centres.  The 40 or 100 tool stations available allow for high flexibility in machining.
The Machine Concept of the HYPERTURN 100 Powermill
Machine Design
The machine bed as the machine base comes in mono-block design.  This stable and compact construction absorbs vibrations that may occur during machining, thus supporting the high-precision work on the workpiece.
The machine features a modular design and has been built on the basis of a travelling column concept.  Customers may choose from among three bed lengths: 1700, 2400 or 3300 mm with a maximum turning length of 1500, 2200 or 3100 mm between centres.  These are the perfect prerequisites for the cost-effective machining of a wide range of flange and shaft components.
Main Spindle and Counter-Spindle Identical in Construction   
Depending on the customer's product range, two spindle concepts have been developed for the Hyperturn 100 Powermill.  The A2-08" is equipped with two water-cooled spindle motors featuring a capacity of 33 kW and a maximum speed of 3500 rpm.  High dynamics and optimum torque curves allow for high efficiency in the machining of shafts and compact flange components.
When equipped with the alternative version featuring a two-stage gear unit and an A2-11" spindle connection, the HYPERTURN 100 creates optimum conditions for the roughing of large flange and shaft components.
A maximum torque of 3520 Nm allows for high depths of cut and large feed rates without any restriction.
The main spindle and counter-spindle are identical with regard to their construction, i.e. both spindles have the same features and a maximum capacity of 53 kW.
Guiding Systems and Drive Technology: For Increased Stability and Precision
All guides are implemented with large, pre-stressed linear guides.  Rollers instead of balls increase the stability and damping.  Apart from that, they are more robust.  Thanks to its unique sealing system on the guide shoe, the system is suitable for use in environments subject to heavy soiling.  Spring steel cover strips are attached to the guide rails, too, which creates a closed sealing surface.
C-Axis: for Precise Contour Milling and Mill-Turn Operations   
The design of the C-axis depends on the spindle variant.  In case of the A2-8" motor spindle, the built-in synchronous motor positions the C-axis in an appropriate manner with high precision and high rigidity.  Hence, it is possible to achieve a considerable holding torque of 800 Nm and 1600 Nm respectively.
As regards the A2-11 spindle, the C-axis is positioned via an additional swivel drive.  The spindle and the workpiece are held or positioned with up to 200 Nm and 2800 Nm respectively.  The angular resolution of the C-axis is 0.001°. This makes it easy to create even complex contours on a workpiece.  The software for programming these cycles is included in the scope of delivery.
Y-Axis with Large Stroke   
To ensure optimum stability, the Y-axis has been incorporated into the assembly of the travelling column.  The stroke of +/- 210 mm is perfect for the machining of contours on large workpieces.
Process Assistant for the Control and Production Sequence   
AURIGA is a digital process assistant for the comprehensive integration of customised and system-related applications to do with the machine control and production process.  The focus of the operating sequences is on users and their requirements regarding a more efficient design of work procedures without compromising on the machines' high reliability in all operating modes.  Auriga will form part of selected Hyperturn models such as the HYPERTURN 100 Powermill in its standard version.
The large work area provides maximum ergonomics, i.e. very good access to the individual components.  The existing free spaces allow for ideal chip flow, even when it comes to the machining of critical materials.
The ergonomic operating panel can be moved horizontally up to the middle of the machine door.  Since the operating panel is swivel-mounted, it allows for a vertical rotation of 90° and a horizontal rotation of 10°.
Control System:    
Equipped with a Sinumerik 840D sl control, the Hyperturn 100 comes with one of the most advanced control systems.  The fully digital drive and control package easily handles up to 10 channels and up to 31 axes.  ShopTurn / ShopMill including technology cycles make turning and milling operations a lot easier.  Any machining processes can be implemented thanks to coordinate transformations (TRANS, ROT, SCALE, MIRROR).  Complex machining requirements can be implemented quickly.  The high precision offered by the Sinumerik 840D sl is reflected on the workpiece.  Programming becomes easier thanks to the alphanumeric keypad. 
The Hyperturn 100 Powermill can be used in the areas of general mechanical and plant engineering, aerospace engineering, energy technology and vehicle construction.  It has been designed for use in both single-item and series production.