September 2018

UMILL 750: Simultaneous 5-axis machining at the highest ...

UMILL 750: Simultaneous 5-axis machining at the highest level

As a logical consequence of successfully establishing the Umill 1800 and Umill 1500 on the market, EMCO is now enlarging its portfolio with the new Umill 750 - size X = 750 mm.

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The efficient vertical milling machine for simultaneous 5-axis machining with its compact design and low installation space requirements allows even large components to be machined. The use of European components guarantees users highest precision and surface quality.

EMCO with the combined milling expertise of its Italian subsidiaries has established the UMILL series. A further step towards the completion of the 5-axis milling machine product range is the compact UMILL 750 5-axis vertical milling machine which allows highly precise simultaneous 5-axis machining in only one clamping operation through the use of the latest control technology and smart structure solutions. And you get all of this at an excellent price-performance ratio.
The machine structure is constructed with an optimal combination of cast iron and welded steel thereby ensuring maximum stability and thermal symmetry. Supported by 45 mm roller guideways on the X- and Y-axis as well as a direct drive motor on the Z-axis, large travels of 750 mm in X, 610 mm in Y and 500 mm in Z make it possible to manufacture milling parts with maximum dimensions of 530 x 530 x 417 mm in the widest variety of lot sizes. Another positive feature is the high rigidity which produces optimal precision and excellent surface qualities on the workpiece. All axes have direct measuring systems for achieving perfect results. Thanks to the front support, already provided as standard for the table, workpieces with a weight of up to 400 kg can be machined without a loss in performance.