Emco Vertical VT 260
Emco Vertical VT 260

Emco Vertical VT 260


Designed for heavy-duty machining
Small footprint
Free chip fall
Driven tools and Y axis optionally
Integrated self-loading system
Cutting-edge Siemens control
Made in the Heart of Europe

Technical data

Work area
Travel in X/Y/Z 660 / +70 -90 / 310 mm
Max. turning diameter 260 mm
Swing over bed 280 mm
Rapid motion speeds in X/Y/Z 60/15/30 m/min
Feed force in X/Y/Z 6000/6000/6000 N
Main spindle
Max. speed 5000 rpm
Spindle nose A 2-6
Max. drive power 29 kW
Max. torque 280 Nm
Tool turret
VDI size 40
Number of tools 12
Driven tools 12
Max. speed 4000 rpm
Max. drive power 8.5 kW
Max. torque 40 Nm


  • Powerful main spindle with high torque for short cycle times

  • 2 independent tool systems: turret + multi-functional plate

  • Pick-up concept: Quick loading through direct pick-up of raw materials by the conveyor belt using the spindle

  • Optimal access to the work area

  • Chip conveyer with integrated coolant device as standard

Work area with multi-functional plate

Work area with multi-functional plate

Tool turret

Tool turret

Machining main spindle

Machining main spindle

Overall dimensions/Work space






Examples of use

  • Short, heavy workpieces
  • Workpieces with large diameters
  • For the machining of chuck parts, forging blanks and cast parts

Wheel hub

Wheel hub (made of steel)

V-belt pulley

V-belt pulley (made of steel)

Belt pulley

Belt pulley (made of steel)


Total view VT 250

Work area VT 250

Work area with driven tools


Headstock with counterbalance


High-pressure coolant pump

Coolant device is pumped through the spindle via Deublin swivel guide with a pressure of up to 70 bar. The coolant device is guided directly through the spindle onto the tool edge.

Electronic handwheel - CNC

For moving the machine’s axes manually to set zero point and tool offsets.


Fanuc 31i-B
The Series 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B CNCs have been developed for the next generation of high performance machine tools

Their enhanced functionality and superior performance extends the potential of machine capabilities into the future. The product line spans from standard CNC applications up to the most complex machine tools and non-traditional applications. FANUC controls have a world-class reputation
for performance, precision, reliability and user-friendly operation, making them popular with the most demanding managers and operators alike. With more than 2.2 million controls already installed around the
globe, FANUC is the world’s leading CNC manufacturer. By choosing a machine tool with a FANUC CNC it will be available for production more often, process more parts and use less energy.

  • Compatibility with all predecessor CNC versions
  • Minimal integration required. Existing programs run without new/reprogramming
  • Simple parts programming through fixed cycles and customer macros
    This is complemented by the easy to use MANUAL GUIDE i Dialog Programming
  • Easy operation through a user-friendly graphics display for visual parts program checks
  • Extensive help functions
  • Interpolation in the nanometer range for the highest surface quality.
  • Ethernet connectivity:
    CNC screens allow the operator to display parts programs which are saved in an FTP server directory and to load selected files onto the machine. Alternatively, files can be loaded onto the machine from a remote office with the parts program transfer tool with .
    drag & drop.

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Sinumerik 828D - incl. ShopTurn

High performance CNC control for ultimate accuracy and machining speed. SINUMERIK 828D and SINAMICS drive and motors are perfectly tailored for state of the art turning machines. Powerful CNC-functions combined with a unique 80bit NANOFP Accuracy (80 bit floating point accuracy from the position control to the internal encoder resolution) enable highest work-piece accuracy at a minimum of machining time. With a flexible CNC programming language and the state of the art ShopTurn machining step programming, single parts as well as large batch series can be programmed and machined with maximum effectiveness. Due to powerful kinematic transformations and a large set of technological cycles, SINUMERIK 828D also meets the demands of high sophisticated machine applications with driven tools and sub-spindle. Source picture and text: Siemens

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