Gantry Milling Machine Dynamill G5

Gantry Milling Machine Dynamill G5

Gantry Milling Machine Dynamill G5

X axis: from 2500 mm and more

Y axis: 3500 / 2200 mm

Z axis: 1300 / 1500 mm

Max. drive power: 38 / 48 kW (S1)

Max. drive torque: 330 / 373 Nm (S1)

Axes feed rate: 40 m/min


Universal Machining Centre with high dynamics and accuracy by means of direct drive milling heads
Large working area – small installation surface
Simple foundation design
Gantry Milling Machine ready for Industry 4.0

Technical data

Work area
Travel in X/Y/Z X 2500/4000/6000/8000 // Y 2200-3500 // Z 1300-1500 mm
Axes feed rate 40 m/min
Milling spindle
Number of tools 24 / 48 / 64
Milling heads
Universal milling head with automatic millesimal positioning 38 (S1)/48 (S6) kW // 330 (S1)/373 (S6) Nm //6000 rpm


  • Large-volume machining of steel, aluminum and ureol

  • High speed and high precision

  • Temperature control system for maximum temperature stability

  • Gantry Milling Machine ready for Industry 4.0

Overall dimensions/Work space

Overall dimensions & Working Envelope


Siemens 840D sl for Mecof

The NC Siemens 840D Solution Line allows the optimization of the control and drivers parameters to get the highest performances during the high speed machining.

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Heidenhain TNC 640 HSCI

The Heidenhain control unit is designed to simplify programming in the shop floor, providing an interactive programming environment, where the operator communicates with the control system through clear and easily comprehensible language.

The Heidenhain control unit is compatible with DIN/ISO programming standards.

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